Remembering the Bee Gees

If there is a soundtrack to my life then it has Bee Gees music on it. I don’t know when I first fell in love with them, but it was during my high school years, way before the movie Saturday Night Fever and their album Staying Alive made them hugely famous.

I loved their harmony and the lyrics. Some of my favorites were Words and To Love Somebody.

Many nights my friends and I rode through the country side with the car windows down and Bee Gees songs blasting on our radios or 8 track tape players.

I did some of my best dreaming during those years.

When I read today that Robin Gibbs had died of cancer at age 62 I felt a sadness, a sense of loss. Another one of my music idols has passed on. The older I get, the more that happens.

Music connects us in a way that few things can. We might show up at our 30 year class reunion and not remember the names of half the people there, but let a song play that we listened to back then and I guarantee you everyone is transported back in time.

I went to a Bee Gees concert in Atlanta in the late 70’s with my then future husband. It was a night I still treasure.

RIP Robin Gibbs. You followed your dreams and gave the world some beautiful music that still plays in the hearts  of us who loved your songs.

  • Martha

    It’s funny that I connect you to my memoriesof the Bee Gees.. I remember dances to Bee Gees music!

  • teresak

    I remember those dances too!