Remembering Our Grandparents on Grandparent’s Day 2015

This Sunday is Grandparent’s Day and I thought it would be great for NanaHood readers and NanaHood’s Facebook friends to share their thoughts and memories of their grandparents. Their stories and comments delighted me and reminded me of how important grandparents are. I think you will enjoy meeting my NanaHood friends and we invite you to subscribe to NanaHood’s blog and visit us on Facebook. We love making new friends!

Quotes and Stories About Grandparents

Patricia Howell says,”I believe that there is a bond that children and grandparents have that is one of the most important relationships that will ever be formed! When I grew up we lived between both sets of grandparents on the same street. The same block for that matter, all of my daddy’s brothers and their families lived in the same block too! When my brother and I wanted to see our grandparent, we would walk two doors down either way and had a path worn where we would walk. I’m now raising my two grandchildren, a six year old and a two year old that are my life. Both of them now have a strong bond with my parents (who thankfully are both living), their great grand parents. Blessed beyond belief.

Patricia's grandchildren getting ready for school.

Patricia’s grandchildren getting ready for school.

Jeanie Johnson remembers, “My grandmother was born in 1900…of Irish parents..she used to tell me about coming to Arkansas walking beside their wagon…I believe I was her favorite…not because she loved me more…but because I loved her more and spent time visiting her…she was the type that wanted you to stay for lunch…stay for dinner…oh heck just stay all night…lol..I remember there always being homemade biscuits..fat back and eggs for breakfast every morning…she would take her coffee cup..pour some out in her saucer and blow on it then take a biscuit put it in the saucer to soak up the coffee and eat it…there was always homemade corn bread..baked sweet potatoes…so so many things I remember…and have sadly forgotten.. Miss her everyday…she is the image I strive to be for my grandchildren… I want them to have memories of the fun stuff we did.. Chocolate covered..strawberry waffles… With extra whipped cream…making homemade ice cream..endless hugs and I love you…that is all you leave behind… I am granny passed away in 1985.. 30 years…I still remember…”


Ellen Bridges says, “I had the pleasure to share a home with my grandparents. We all lived in one big house! My sisters and brother never went to a baby sitter, we had them all ready. Such wonderful memories! Cooking, family meals, holidays. We would go every October to celebrate Grammy’s birthday. There would be 20-30 of us. Cousins, aunts and uncles, it was a treat that long ago to eat out. We even would travel to eat out. Another treat! I would not change my childhood for anything. I think that is why I love spending time with my grandchildren! 5 of them live close by. More memories being made!

I had wonderful grandparents! I remember walking down the railroad tracks and talking to my papa and cooking in the kitchen with my nanny! I think spending time with your grandchildren is so important. I love letting my grandson Daniel help me cook or I take him to play in the spring that I played in when I was little. I love watching him play ball with his gramp. I hope we are making memories that he will never forget!” from Tammi Atkins

My grandson told me that his dog and I are the ones that can make him truly happy. And my granddaughter told me that I am the best at loving her,” Kathy Rogerson

My Mamaw taught me about God. She read to me, took care of me more than my mother. I would be a completely different person today if it weren’t for my Grandmother. She made me want to be a good person. She taught me how to CARE,” Nancy Honea

I loved visiting my grandparents. I would stay with them has much has possible. My granddaddy taught me to drive a tractor when I was little. He’s the one that taught me to fish and love it. Every morning my grandmother would cook breakfast. Lots of times a squirrel that granddaddy had killed along with gravy and homemade biscuits and eggs. I would watch my grandfather pour his coffee in his saucer and drink it. When breakfast was over I watched both of them take several different pills. I never figured out why until I got this old and now I know why. My grandmother taught me how to shuck and shell corn for the chickens every morning then we would go throw out the corn the next morning then Granny would open the door and let them out then we would go in the chicken house and collect the eggs. Thanksgiving and Christmas was always celebrated at my grandparents. She was always the best cook. She had a green thumb has did her sisters and could grow anything. My mom was the same way. Sadly I didn’t inherit that green thumb. I would have lived with them had my parents let me. I sure miss them. Now I have 5 grandchildren and the two oldest boys ages 4 & 2 would stay with us all the time if they could. They done called tonight to remind me I’m bringing them to my house tomorrow night. That’s 4 grandchildren. A 4 year old 2 two year olds and a 9 1/2 month old. Going to be busy and no housework done. This is what life is about. Cartoons and “Nana, I’m hungry or Nana, I’m thirsty.” Gotta love them and I do.” Paula Deweese Humphrey

My Ma and Pa both influenced my life in a way that is unfathomable to me. I’ve said many times that Pa was the kind of man that you would want to be like, if only you had it in you. I’ve also said that Ma was the start of everything good in my family today, because of her trust in God and her refusal to let go of Him. Pa taught me that, if you love God and you live for Him and you love like Him, nothing, not even death, should be able to wipe your smile away. I remember seeing him after he had passed away, and he was smiling like God had just simply whispered in his ear, “Larry, buddy, are you ready to go?” Ma taught me to constantly strive to be selfless. I remember immediately calling Ma when I got my internship with the Ronald McDonald House, and I remember her telling me that helping sick children sounds like a good thing to live for. I so wish that I had a few more years to learn from both of them. But, I think that if they were alive today, they would just tell me to try my best to be like their best friend, Jesus. They would tell me that the big leather bound book would teach me more about how to live than they honestly ever could. They would tell me that they love me more than I could even comprehend and that they can’t wait to see me on the other side. I know that if I live like they did, one day I’ll see them behind those gates. I picture them holding hands, waiting patiently. And yes, of course, Pa will be smiling.” Ben Thompson
  • Ben Thompson's grandparents, Larry and Maedene Coffey.

    Ben Thompson’s grandparents, Larry and Maedene Coffey.

    Both my maternal grandparents gave me time and undivided attention whenever I was there. They taught me posture, thank you notes, piano lessons, gardening, to always wear a smile. I’ve always remembered the feeling of being special and doted on….and it’s why I love being a grandma today! I learned from the best and I’m so grateful when all five of mine want to spend time with me!” Joan Bickley Stommen (Joan is also a blogger and you can read more about her and her blog on her Facebook page)

Joan with two of her grandchildren.

Joan with two of her grandchildren.

My Grandmother always told me “everybody has a soul.” She never said an unkind word about anyone!” Vickie Voyles

My Grandmother, Lillie Mae Harris ( my Mema) always said, ” a penny earned can be a penny saved…it’s not what you make, it’s what you save”!! So I cannot pass a penny on the sidewalk or parking lot anywhere without thinking of Mema!!” Judy Wilson Jolly

Mimi Judy Wilson Jolly with her daughter-in-law and her two granddaughters. Passing down the love!

Mimi Judy Wilson Jolly with her daughter-in-law and her two granddaughters. Passing down the love!

And finally Tammy Heinzman says,”Grandkids are Gods reward for not killing your kids, they are the best gift my kids have or ever will give me!

The best grandparent gift of all....grandchildren!

The best grandparent gift of all….grandchildren!

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  1. This is such a great idea. Loved reading all the beautiful stories. Happy Grandparents Day to you!

  2. teresak 14 Sep, 2015

    Thank you so much and hope you had a great day too!

  3. alissa apel 15 Sep, 2015

    I hope you had a great day! My kids invited their grandparents + my aunt that is like a grandma to their school for lunch. I put money in their bags, so they wouldn’t have to pay for it.