Remember When?

We spent night before last on my brother’s houseboat and all day yesterday at the lake. To say I am a little tired today would be like saying it’s a little warm outside (over 100 degrees again!) Having fun is hard work, at least it is for me. But we did have a great time and the fireworks over the lake, next to a full moon, reflecting off the water, were absolutely gorgeous! (Please forgive that chopped up sentence grammar police!)

Today I’m doing a remember when for you….

Warning: you will only remember if you are close to my age!

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  1. Sigh, how times have changed. Everything seems more expensive. bread, 4/$1 candy a couple cents. Pop 25 cent or less. Loved your fireworks photo. We watched the Capitol 4th on tv and then went outside where our 30+ yr old daughter did a bit of fireworks of her own…fun. Watched some fireworks from nearby town from our front lawn, we could see the top half of the fireworks. Back inside, some more on the tv, ft vancouver, wa. Thanks for sharing!

  2. teresak 11 Jul, 2012

    I love fireworks but it’s a lot of money for a short lived thrill!