Reading-One of the best things you can do with your children or grandchildren!

Are your children or grandchildren avid readers? For years I wondered how my children could NOT love to read. After all, my mom was a reading teacher and I had rather read than eat (unless it’s turtle cheese cake). In the last few years things have changed.  I walked into a room the other day and caught my oldest son reading a book!  No, it wasn’t Dr. Seuss either. It was about blueberries and because we are now the proud owners of a blueberry farm he was interested in learning more about blueberries. So if your children or grandchildren don’t get excited about reading. Don’t give up. They may turn out to be readers when they older.

What You Can Do To Plant Reading Seeds

Read to them and let them read to you every single day. Let them see you reading and tell them often why you love reading. If you aren’t close enough to read to your grandchildren in person there is still a way to read to them.

A California company has come up with a new, cool, high-tech twist to combat an age-old problem of grandparents or parents who want to read to their children every day but can’t due to work or distance.

With a webcam and just a few mouse clicks, adults can record video of themselves reading one of 250 online e-books.

How it works….

Be There Bedtime Stories adds a new, technological dimension to summer-learning programs with webcam-recorded storytelling, also known as Webtime Stories. This online platform works in three easy steps:

1.       Choose an e-book from the online bookstore

2.      Read the story in front of a webcam as it displays on the computer screen; the video is then embedded onto each page of the e-book

3.      The Webtime Stories are accessible via link anytime, connecting young readers with family members no matter how far away.

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  1. Thanks for the tips. 🙂 i wish to have one for my my baby boy 🙂 i subscribe to you via gfc 🙂

  2. Hi Teresa,
    Wow, that is awesome! I have a 4 years old daughter who loves to “read”. Every day she “reads” to her dolls and asks me to read to her. Her grandparents live far away and it would be wonderful if they could read a story to her!
    Visiting you from blogfrog!

  3. Hi there, Teresa! I so agree with reading to kids being one of the most…

    When my 17 year old son was around 3, it was pure joy reading to him. Because he stops me along the way and poses a lot of questions. By the time he was 7, my eldest didn’t want the usual bedtime storybook; instead, he wanted me to re-tell stories from MY book and he’d lie there creating a movie in his mind! And I tell you, my books were like mushy romance, espionage and stuff that I have from the Readers’ Digest condensed books.

    But it’s oh so rewarding,especially that time he helped me organize my mini-library. The whole time, he was asking me what the stories were in the hardbound condensed books, and I remind him of a certain story he heard from be before that. And he’d go, “Oh, that…”

    So opposite from his youngest brother who didn’t want me reading to him! The little rascal’s way of “bedtime reading” was him holding up the book, rattling off what he feels like “reading” from there. He doesn’t want me reading! But sure, the rascal wants me to listen to him read! LOL!

    Keep posting, Teresa! I find lovely things in here. Will definitely be back!

  4. teresak 8 Jul, 2011

    Thanks for the visit and comment! Looking forward to maintaining contact and getting to know you! Teresa

  5. teresak 8 Jul, 2011

    Thanks for stopping by! Good luck in the contest! Have a great weekend. Teresa

  6. teresak 8 Jul, 2011

    Thanks, Prew!

  7. Hey, T! What a wonderful surprise for the day!

    So you know… this is something for me to post back at my site.

    I just love surprises!

    I gotta get up the page again. I messed up a few days back and
    the few-days-old page intended for my daily surprises just conked
    out. Arghs!

    But here, from you… I just know I have to get it back.

    Soon, soon.

    Yes, T… will definitely be in touch a lot!