Pumpkin Carving with the Grandchildren

Have you carved your Halloween pumpkin yet? We are a last-minute pumpkin carving family, because pumpkins tend to “wilt” quickly in the warm Las Vegas weather. Every year about three days before Halloween, we get in gear and start brainstorming. In case you are like us, I’ve got some great ideas and templates for you from our online searches.

From Better Homes and Gardens, there are TONS.. and I mean TONS of great pumpkin carving ideas. The mouse house idea is SO stinkin’ cute, and I am pretty sure we’ll have at least one of those. For the dog-lovers, there are several templates with different breeds – I chose Daschund to show you below because… CUTE! And you can’t go wrong with a monster pumpkin, right?

Hershey’s has a hilarious take on decorating a pumpkin. Carve it, and then decorate with candy! Twizzlers, hershey kisses, and more make for a fun way to decorate!

Hershey's Candy decorated pumpkin

Martha Stewart is a great go-to for all your holiday needs, and Halloween is no exception! Lots of fun and unique ideas for decorating and carving your pumpkins! I would have NEVER thought to use vampire teeth in a mini pumpkin to make the cutest (and easiest) mini pumpkin decoration ever!

Martha Stewart's ideas for pumpkin decorating

And last but not least, a GLITZY glamour pumpkin idea from Life on Lakeshore Drive. This post has been around for several years, and we look at it EVERY year. It’s no contest, this is mine and Martha’s favorite idea ever. We are outnumbered in our house with more boys than girls, and the creepy/gross/monster designs abound around here! This design makes me say, “ahhhh” when I see it. How about you?

Glitzy Pumpkin Carving

So.. are you ready to carve and decorate? Have you done it already! Let us know what your Halloween and Fall Pumpkins look like! You can leave us a comment and/or a pic – we’d love to see them!


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