Pixar Animation Studios “Lou” – Why I Love it!

Pixar Animation Studios “Lou”

Bullying is not cool. It isn’t now and it wasn’t when I was young. I remember what it felt like and I bet you do too. That’s one reason why I fell in love with “Lou.” Lou (the main character in a new short film) finds a way to turn a bully into a good guy in a way that will make you go, “Awwww.”

Pixar Studios Lou

Dave Mullins

“Lou” was written and directed by Dave Mullins and a few months ago when I attended the Disney Social Media Moms Celebration, Dave spoke to us about his life and making this film. To say I was impressed and touched would be an understatement.

Just listening to his life story made me wish I knew him and his family personally. There are just some people you meet and you know if the circumstances were different and you lived closer, worked together or met each other at a cook-out you would be friends. Dave Mullins is one of those people.

His profile on LinkedIn gives you the basics.

Mullins began his Pixar career as an animator on Finding Nemo. He has worked on a number of films such as The Incredibles, Cars and Ratatouille. He also co-directed Monsters, Inc. commercials for McDonalds and directed Cars commercials for General Motors. He was a directing animator on Up and supervising animator on Cars 2 and The Good Dinosaur. Prior to Pixar, he taught animation at Cal Arts, Academy of Art University and Gnomon School of Visual Effects. Mullins graduated with a Bachelor of Fine Arts from the Rhode Island School of Design and worked at Sony Imageworks and Disney Feature Animation.

Besides being a really good guy he is obviously very talented too.

What Makes “Lou” Special

A short film means just that, it isn’t very long. What Dave Mullins does (and does extremely well)  is what all talented writers do, he makes us FEEL. But he does it so sweetly and so fast that it’s amazing. Some movies last 2 hours and don’t accomplish what “Lou” did in just a few short minutes. The story grabs your heart and doesn’t let go and by the time it’s over, the viewer feels like they have just witnessed a little movie miracle: a story that touches you, makes you think and leaves you wanting more.

But don’t take my word for it. Watch this video clip and then take your grandchildren and go see it in the theater. You can thank me later!

To read more about the film click here.

Disclaimer: My trip to Disney Social Media Mom’s Celebration was partially paid for by Disney. All thoughts, memories, opinions and dreams of going again are strictly my own! #DSMMC

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