The Peanut Pickle – Peanut Allergy Video Book Review

Peanut Pickle - a book about a Peanut AllergyFor today’s Tween Talk video and post, Martha wanted to share with you a book that is very special to her. It’s called “The Peanut Pickle” and it’s about a child who has a severe peanut allergy. This is a topic near and dear to Martha’s heart, as she was diagnosed with a peanut allergy at the age of 14 months. Her allergy is so severe that it’s even dangerous for her to be in a room with peanut products. In the video, Martha is reading “The Peanut Pickle“, and shares her thoughts about it after the reading.



How to use the book

I purchased the book for Martha to take to school when she was in first grade. It’s very scary to send someone with a severe peanut allergy like Martha to public school. We worried for her, and she had a lot of concerns about other kids. Not only did she have to worry about exposure to peanut products, but it’s absolutely NO FUN being different from everyone else. She is an extrovert, so she wanted to talk about it with EVERYONE. It was important to her that she explain her allergy to all her new friends. The Peanut Pickle was a great way to do this. Martha’s teacher read it to the class, and then explained afterwards how one of their special friends in class was just like the character in the book.

School is not the only place that food allergies are an issue, and the book covers that in great detail. Story after story shares how the main character is faced with peanuts or peanut products. Playgrounds, play dates, ball fields, parties, and even family member’s homes can be dangerous places. Unfortunately not everyone understands the level of danger. It’s unfortunate, but people often want to minimize the allergy like it’s “no big deal”. This book can be a helpful way to share with friends and family about how scary it is.

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We are incredibly grateful that Martha has made it to ten years old without serious incident. We are very careful, and we have been lucky to be around others who want to be careful with her and for her. It can be stressful at times, but the older Martha gets, the more she takes control of her allergy. She even carries her own epi-pens in a purse! Our goal is to live life “normally”, and while that means being a little more vigilant than others, we are (almost always) as “normal” as the next family!

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  1. One of our grandsons has food allergies, about eight different foods, two or three he has already grown out of. His mother is amazing. From the beginning she told us to not prepare for him. She always brings his own foods, his peanut allergy or egg allergy isn’t as severe as some of these seem. We can eat these foods around him, but he has been taught to steer clear of these foods, for a six year old she has taught him to be very self sufficient. The rest of the grandkids seem aware but there is never any fuss made about his allergies. I think God gives special needs children to the right people. My daughter in law was perfectly chosen for our little Rhett.

  2. Excellent blog. I want to share the information on a children’s book that my niece wrote. It deals with Lyme’s disease but can be applied to almost any chronic disease problems and how it affects the family, kind of like peanut allergies.

    Sarah’s book is ‘Little Bite Big Trouble’ by Sarah Schlichte Sanchez. It is available on Amazon. I think she did an awesome job!

  3. teresak 5 Jun, 2017

    Thanks so much for sharing Jeanne! Other grandparents might be interested! Send me info and picks and I’ll share it on our facebook page!

  4. teresak 5 Jun, 2017

    So scary isn’t it Cindy!