More Nebraska Road Trip News

I promised you more videos and road trip fun from Martha in July, but we were SO busy with all the having fun and playing with cousins and swimming at the York Aquatic center every day…and we ran into technical difficulties with our videos…so I wasn’t able to deliver! I feel awful that you, dear reader, didn’t get to experience all the fun and excitement we had in Nebraska, so I thought I’d recap it in a video-less post. (Martha WILL be back soon with videos!)

Places to Go In Nebraska

(Or places we would have liked to visit) while in Nebraska.

  1. Pioneer Village – We didn’t actually get to the Pioneer Village this time, but I’ve been there several times before, and it’s a FUN stop, especially for the history buffs. Plan on a few hours, as there are 28 buildings on 20 acres to explore.
  2. Nebraska Youth Camp – I drove the 80 miles between York and Kearney about seventy-jillion times this summer. (Ok, it was really more like 8 or 9 times, but it felt like seventy-jillion). My two boys were able to go to two different sessions of camp each, so it was a lot of back and forth for drop-offs and pick-ups and more drops offs. Martha isn’t able to attend camp (yet) because of her severe peanut allergy, but she went with me every time, and we had a lot of quality car chat time.
  3. The Kearney Arch – If you are traveling along I-80 through Nebraska, you will drive right under the Great Platte River Road Archway Monument. It’s an interactive museum honoring the history of Nebraska, from the Pony Express, to the settlers that went through Nebraska on their way west, and so much more. We highly recommend it!
  4. The Edgerton Explorit Center – This is a hands-on museum for science and more. All the kids loved this one, even the 15 and 17 year old! And there are seats for parents or grandparents to sit and relax, while the kids run around and… explore!
  5. The Lincoln Zoo – most people have heard of the Omaha zoo, but if you are driving east through NE, you’ll reach the Lincoln zoo first! It’s a smaller zoo, and isn’t an all-day experience, but it was a fun trip. They have a petting zoo area, and horseback riding as well. I definitely recommend it for younger kids! We’ll have a fun video for you in a post later this week, about our Lincoln Zoo experience. (Spoiler – there are NO giraffes, and Martha was greatly disappointed.. BUT, they will be GETTING giraffes in 2019).
  6. The Omaha Henry Doorly Zoo – We didn’t make it here this time either, but obviously I can’t write a “places to visit in Nebraska” post without including the Omaha zoo.

We had a ton of fun in Nebraska and on our road trips. We’ll share a little more Nebraska fun in the Lincoln zoo video. AND be watching for our “Road Trip to Minnesota” post too! Suffice it to say, we put a LOT of miles on our car this summer!

What about you? Are you traveling with kids or grands this year? Where are you going? Do your grandkids like to stop at the historical museums? We’d love to hear about it in the comments!


  1. I stumbled on the pioneer village years ago while following the old Oregon trail. Amazing find. Spent half a day there and there was still so much to see,

  2. teresak 4 Aug, 2017

    Thanks, Cindy! So glad you stopped by!