Nana’s vegetable soup

It’s cold and rainy outside and my daughter just called and asked for my vegetable soup recipe. It’s sounding pretty good to me me too, so I may just make some for supper. Here’s how I make it.


Left over roast and roast gravy or 1 large package of stew meat

One package dry onion soup mix

three or four potatoes

three or four carrots

package of frozen veggies

three or four cans tomato sauce

salt, pepper, oregano

What to do-

Brown stew pieces or cut up roast (the roast is better but stew pieces work)

combine tomato sauce, meat, dry onion soup mix and simmer on stove

Peel and slice potatoes and carrots. chop them up and put in mixture

Simmer until it bubbles, add oregano, salt and pepper

Turn down heat to medium and add package of frozen veggies

simmer some more and taste to see if it needs more salt or pepper

When potatoes and carrots stick tender it’s done

We like it with bread sticks but crackers work too.


  1. Rachel 7 Dec, 2009

    THANK YOU! I have been craving it~! It’s so goooooood!

  2. teresak 15 Dec, 2009

    No problem. It’s not hard, just a little time consuming if you use fresh veggies, which of course makes it better!

  3. i love all sorts of soup but my most favorite soup is none other chicken or beef soup.:-‘