Nana’s Trip to the Park

Children love to play at the park. Every time we take Abby she runs from the swings, to the merry-go-round, to the slide. By the time we leave I’m worn out from trying to keep up with her. The other day when we were there and I saw some high school girls I knew I went over and ask them if they would like to play with Abby (so nana could sit down!)

abby at park with girls

They said “yes” I said “thanks” and sat down to watch them. These gals are cheerleaders and not only were they full of pep and energy, they were so sweet to Abby.


Abby enjoyed everything except the see-saw. It went too high to suit her.

see saw

Abby had so much fun with the girls that when they told her they had to go ,that it was time for cheerleading practice she cried.

If you haven’t taken your children or grandchildren to the park lately, why not go? Just maybe you will find some sweet teenagers there who will help you keep up with your grandchild!

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