Nanas in the News – The 9 Nanas and Happiness Happens

I am not a regular reader of the Huffington Post website, but occasionally someone on facebook will post a link, or I’ll click over from a blog.  Wow, am I ever glad I did just that today.

Here is what I clicked on: “The Business 9 Women Kept Secret for Three Decades“.  I clicked over.. started reading.. and then started wiping the tears from my eyes as I read about the “9 Nanas”.

Who are the 9 Nanas?  Nine women, who THIRTY FIVE years ago, decided to try and make a difference in their community… and do it anonymously.  They began by saving money from their family budgets and giving it to others who needed it.  Utility bills were paid for, groceries were purchased, and pound cakes were made and given as part of care packages.  For THIRTY years, even their own husbands didn’t know they were doing this… talk about an incredible secret.

When their secret was finally discovered five years ago by one of the husbands, they came clean to all nine husbands.  And eventually to their grown children.  Now, thanks to the encouragement of the husbands and children, they have a website entitled, where they sell their special pound cakes.  Money raised from the pound cakes go directly to helping those who need help.

Here is the link again.. you really need to click over and read the entire story for yourself.

And then you just might want to click on over to and order a pound cake or three.

God Bless the 9 Nanas!



  1. Thanks so much for linking this post at Grandparent’s Say It Saturday! I LOVED this post by the way and went to check out the links. Yes I teared up and wha an amzing story! I may feature it at the next GSIS.

  2. What a wonderful idea — trying to help others. I knew nothing about these women so thanks for sharing!

  3. Thanks so much for linking up! I LOVE this post. I also linked it to facebook. so inspirational.