Nanas in the News

It’s time for a round-up of Nanas in the News! Check out the links below for articles and videos about fun, silly, and inspiring Nanas and Grandmas in the News!

I like her secret! –  101-year-old woman’s secret to living longer: Chocolate 

Nana Camp! – “Picture a day-long seminar for rookie or veteran grandmothers who want to brush up on their skills or just prop up their feet and laugh until they cry. Food, snacks and drinks of choice will be abundant and sublime. Seating will be in recliners, no folding chairs. Pedicures and massage will be available throughout the day.” I think Sharon’s idea is a WINNER, how about you?


What did you think of Lady Gaga’s Super Bowl half-time show? Love it or hate it, you gotta love her checking in with Grandma before the show!

This Grandma went viral trying to get her single granddaughter a date!

Snow Angels?

Grandma wanted to make a Snow Angel – cutest snow angel I’ve seen this year!

Grandma Universe?

Did you know there is a Mrs. Grandma Universe contest? Me neither!! I think they need more contestants. Who wants to be the next Grandma Universe?


Trek through the Jungle?

Who wants to go on a Jungle Expedition? Check out 84 year old Shirley’s story

College Grad at almost 100!

It’s never too late! This 94 Year old Grandma just got her College Degree


  1. I never knew that there is a Grandma Universe Contest. You should so enter. You have a good chance of winning.

  2. teresak 13 Feb, 2017

    Ha Ha Ha, No way Jose! Hugs to you for saying that!