Nana of the Week-Inez from Ireland

Please  Inez from Ireland and this is her beautiful granddaughter, Sophie.

1.       What do your grandchildren call you and did you choose your title or did they?

Answer: Sophie is 13 months and I have chosen to be called nana she’s gettin there………

2.       How many grandchildren do you have and how old are they?

Answer: SOPHIE 13 months……….

3.       What is your favorite thing to do with your grandchildren?

Answer: SWIMMING been bringing her since she was about 8 weeks………

4.       How do you communicate with your grandchildren? Phone, Facebook, twitter, text?

Answer: WE see her a lot….

5.       What do you wish you could do with them but haven’t gotten to do yet?

Answer: Everything…….I can’t wait to absolutely everything wit her as she grows ………..

6.       What do you like best about being a grandparent?

Answer: I’m a step nana and Sophie is giving me the chance to do things I have never experienced as a mam…….

7.    Where do you live and what do you like best about living there? WEXFORD……Ireland……

10.   What’s your grandchildren’s favorite foods (please include a recipe!)

Answer: Her fav food……everything right now


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  1. What a cutie! Yes, Inez, you have a lot of fun in store.