Nana of the Week-Debra from Colorado Springs

1.       What do your grandchildren call you and did you choose your title or did they?

I’m Nana and I picked it before my first granddaughter was born 8 1/2 years ago. It seemed important at the time although for the life of me, I can’t remember why!   (Although Kylee insists on calling me Nanny.)

2.       How many grandchildren do you have and how old are they?

5 so far: Keera 8 1/2, Keegan 5 1/2, Kylee 4 in March, Cielo 3 1/2, and our newest “star”, Sinatra, just turned one.

3.       What is your favorite thing to do with your grandchildren?

Do I have to pick just one???   I love to have them overnight, one on one. We watch movies and read together before sleep, then in the morning either haul the stepstool up to the stove so they can help make breakfast or go out to one of the fun places in Colorado Springs downtown and then to church. Hiking comes in a very close second.

4.       How do you communicate with your grandchildren? Phone, Facebook, twitter, text?

That question gives me an unexpected vision into the future…..   texting or FB’ing with these kids!  Right now it’s up close and in person or on the phone.    And I still love to send them snail mail once in a while, even the ones in the same town.

5.       What do you wish you could do with them but haven’t gotten to do yet?

I want to travel with them and show them how big the world really is.    My (very brave) mother took my sons to Ireland when they were teenagers; I’d love to give my own grandkids that kind of experience.

6.       If you could change one thing about the world your grandchildren live in, what would it be and why?

I would take away the huge burden of debt they’re going to bear and put back the hope that burden diminishes.

7.       What traits or characteristics do your grandchildren have that you recognize from their parents?

I have grands from three different kids…    my older son has the youngest child so we are still watching her personality emerge.    My younger son has three and each one has some of his qualities….   musicality, perseverance, optimism, humor.    My stepdaughter married a Latino and her daughter  DEFINITELY  got the fiery temperament!    But each one is definitely his or her own little person as well and it’s a great joy to see the people they are becoming.

8.       What do you like best about being a grandparent?

Well, that unconditional love thing is a pretty good deal.   But for me the best is feeling that I’ve garnered some wisdom over the decades and learned from the mistakes I made with their parents and I can bring that experience to my interaction with the next generation. Sort of a “do-over”.

9.       Where do you live and what do you like best about living there?

I moved to Colorado Springs a year and a half ago specifically to be with the three grandkids here, although I still spend significant time in Arizona with the other two.    With complete objectivity, I think Colorado Springs is the prettiest town in the country.     It’s a wonderful, retro place for children to grow up.     Clean air, clean water, lots of outdoor activity and very friendly people.

10.   What’s your grandchildren’s favorite foods (please include a recipe!)

My kids probably won’t remember me for my cooking unless their tastes change significantly in the coming years.      They are healthy eaters but my predilection for whole grains, odd vegetables and complex salads isn’t alway shared.   (“Seriously, Nana…. sunflower seed butter?    Where’s the  Jif?”)

But I do make a mean root beer float!

Thanks, Debra! If you would like to be Nana of the Week contact me at and I’ll get back to you!

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