Great-Grandmother Goes to Prom

Occasionally you hear about something that is so sweet, so tender that you just have to share the story with your friends. Perhaps you have already heard about the teenager who took his great-grandmother to prom. If you haven’t, my friends, their story is one that is guaranteed to touch your heart.

89 year old Delores didn’t get to go to her high school prom. There simply wasn’t enough money and she couldn’t afford to go. Her 19 year old great-grandson, Austin Dennison, decided that since she had missed her own prom he would take her to his.

At first she tried talking him into taking someone his own age but when he refused, she relented and bought a lovely new dress to wear. They went out to dinner first (Bob Evans…because she likes to eat there)  and when they arrived at prom, Austin’s friends gave them a standing ovation. Delores delighted the teens by swatting at balloons with her cane and then Austina  serenaded her and presented her with pearls.

If that’s not enough to make you think this is a Nicholas Sparks novel being lived out in real life, Austin also arranged for them to dance to Frank Sinatra’s song “How I love the kisses of Delores”, a song her late husband used to sing to her.

great grandmother's prom


I don’t know about you, but that’s the sort of love story that brings tears to my eyes!



  1. What a heart warming story, how precious, your right when anyone reads this story it pulls on heart strings. Thanks for stopping by Oh My Heartsie Girl today!!

  2. BohemianBabushka 25 May, 2014

    Bless her and her great-grandson for being so loving. Here from the Oh My Heartsie Girl Weekends Are Fun hop; thanks for making me smile. BB2U