Nana Approved Hanes Stocking Stuffers

Disclaimer: I have been gifted some product in exchange for this post but all thoughts and opinions are my always my own!

Because I am a blogger and I love online shopping I get regular visits from delivery trucks bringing me goodies. Recently I got a package from Hanes that I was super excited about.


The socks are just the right size for stocking stuffers! When my kids were all little I had stockings made for each one of them with their names on them. The kids are grown but I still enjoy putting little gifts in their stockings.

stocking stuffers

We had four boys and one girl and of course she got an angel stocking. Her brothers would assure you she was NO angel. As their mother I assure you they were all angels….when they were asleep.

Now all the grandchildren have stockings too and by the time I get them all hung up I need a break.

stocking stuffers

Seriously, these socks are so soft and feel so great on your feet that anyone you “gift” them to will be thrilled! So make some hot chocolate, add some fluffy marshmallows, put on a pair of Santa Approved (and Nana Approved) socks and take a moment to enjoy the season!

stocking stuffers

Bo claimed these socks and asked me if I would clip his nails so they would fit better. I think that’s a good idea, don’t you?


The folks at Hanes want you to have a very Happy Holiday season and so they are giving away a $50 Hanes Visa Gift card. If you win you can buy a lot of Hanes stocking stuffers!

This Nana is happy in her Hanes and I’m betting you will be too!
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  1. mami2jcn 16 Dec, 2017

    I would give the socks to my son because he is always losing them!

  2. shelly peterson 16 Dec, 2017

    I would give them to my family because we love to be cozy and the kids always loose theirs.

  3. I would give them to matt because he is a sock fanatic

  4. Gus says, “Hey!” (“Woof!!!!) to Bo, and he wants Bo to know that real dogs don’t wear socks. But Gus’ Soozie wears socks, and likes them VERY much!

  5. Nannahood,
    I would definitely share
    with the 12″ of snow we received here in Michigan this week!

    Merry Christmas and God Bless

  6. teresak 16 Dec, 2017


  7. teresak 16 Dec, 2017

    Good deal! And good luck!

  8. teresak 16 Dec, 2017

    I think my washer eats them!

  9. Sheryl 16 Dec, 2017

    It would be hard to decide which of the four grands would like the socks so I would just let them chose but isn’t that what Nana’s do?

  10. Joyce McCoy 16 Dec, 2017

    I would give them to my sons and grandsons to keep their feet warm !

  11. Kiera 16 Dec, 2017

    I would get them for my boys bc they cannot keep up with their socks!! It’s a struggle every morning!!

  12. Tiffany 16 Dec, 2017

    I would give them to my oldest son, he is rough on socks!

  13. teresak 18 Dec, 2017

    Sounds like a great reason! Good luck!

  14. teresak 18 Dec, 2017

    And I’m sure they would love them!

  15. I would give socks to my grandkiddos. I like for their hands and feet to be warm!

  16. teresak 18 Dec, 2017

    Sounds like a thoughtful nana!

  17. I think, considering all the Christmas shopping I’ve done for 10 grands and their 6 parents, I’d buy up a storm of stockings for myself!
    And I love the picture of Bo! My Roxie (a shep/lab mix), seems to always be in need of a nail trim, too!

  18. Lauren 18 Dec, 2017

    I would give socks to my son because he is always running out.

  19. Terra Heck 21 Dec, 2017

    I’d give some to my husband and my teen son. They are rough on their socks and it seems they are always needing new ones. Thanks.

  20. lauren 21 Dec, 2017

    I would share hanes socks with my nieces

  21. teresak 21 Dec, 2017

    Good luck!

  22. teresak 21 Dec, 2017

    Good luck to you Terra!

  23. Julie Wood 22 Dec, 2017

    I would give some Hane’s socks to my sister because she loves the feel of their socks and they are so comfortable!