Mother’s Day Craft for Kids at Church

Mother’s Day Craft for Kids at Church

Yesterday was Mother’s Day and the kids at church made a very special gift for their moms. They love projects and making something, so craft days are fun days.

Mother's Day craft for kids at church

Of course they had a little (okay a lot) of help. There were several adult helpers who worked very hard at guiding the little hands as they worked.

Mother's Day Craft for Kids at Church

One of the older girls made homemade mints for the moms and with miniature cupcakes it made a nice treat!

Mother's Day Craft for Church Kids

This sweet lady is the Sunday School teacher of the youngest children. She is so kind and gentle and they all love her. When they sing Jesus Loves Me at the top of their lungs it sounds so sweet I have to stop my class (next door to theirs) and listen.

Mothers Day craft for church kids

Mother’s Day Craft

This was attached to each one of the gifts with a pretty bow. If you aren’t familiar with Proverbs 31 in the Bible I encourage you to read it. It’s a beautiful chapter and one of my favorites. Each child’s handprint was placed on the gloves they made for their mother.


These are the mittens they made with their handprints on them. It was a messy project but they loved it and don’t they look cute? They were so proud of themselves!

Mothers Day craft for church kids

I hope you enjoyed seeing our Mother’s Day Craft for our church family. They are such sweet kids!

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  1. Hope your Mother’s Day was fabulous! Love the class photos.

  2. Sweet! The handmade gifts are so nice.

  3. Beautiful job! Hope you enjoyed your day!

  4. The project sounds like a great idea for Mother’s Day.

  5. Cute craft! Glad you had a lovely Mother’s Day. ^.^

  6. That is so very cool. Hope you had a wonderful Mother’s Day

  7. teresak 16 May, 2017

    I did Patrick! Thanks for stopping by.

  8. teresak 16 May, 2017

    Thanks Kristin, I had a great day. Thank you.

  9. teresak 16 May, 2017

    It was a lot of fun. Thanks Rhonda and have a great week!

  10. teresak 16 May, 2017

    I did and thank you for stopping by!

  11. teresak 16 May, 2017

    I agree Lydia. Thanks for stopping by!

  12. Those kids look so happy to be handing those off to their moms’. How sweet!

  13. Looks like a fun event!

  14. teresak 21 May, 2017

    It was!