Mother of the Year Nominee #2


“I would like to nominate my wonderful aunt for mother of the year!! Our mother passed away almost 15 years ago and needless to say we  were heart broken.  My mom is was the best mom an we all loved her so much, during my moms short illness, my aunt was there even though her heart was breaking too.  I remember asking her the day of my moms funeral to never forget us (my sister Toye, brother David and myself) and she said that instead of telling everyone she had 3 children she would say that she had 6, my mom asked her to take care of us and always give us a place to call home, and she has done that!!

Sometimes our lives get busy and we dont talk like we should but I know that she is always there for me and my brother and sister.  I will forever be grateful to this woman who didnt have to be my stand in mom but she did.  She was with me through my battle with breast cancer and anything I ask of her she is always there!!  So I nominate my beautiful aunt Margaret Billingsley for her support, her giving and her spirit!!  All my love goes to her and all my thanks!!”

By Shannon Stewart Oliver


  1. LaDonna Rogers 5 May, 2011

    I don’t know Margaret from the mothering perspective but I do know her from the professional world and I think she is pretty special. I’m not one bit surprised at the things Shannon said. It sounds like Shannon and her siblings are very lucky to have such a wonderful stand-in mom. Good job Margaret!

  2. Tim Wood 8 May, 2011

    This is my mom, she is very amazing , I love her so much, God Blessed I am for sure,,,

  3. Don’t know either of these two, but it sounds to me like this is an extra special lady who has a mother’s heart for children.

  4. Thanks for everything you have done for Shannon!!! Thank you for always being there!!

  5. Shannon 9 May, 2011

    MY VOTE FOR #2

  6. STEVEN OLIVER 9 May, 2011


  7. mary alice yokley 9 May, 2011

    This is an amazing woman; you have good reason to be proud of her!