Monday Morning Yawn

Monday morning sure rolls around quickly! The weekend begins and then, BOOM! Wake up-stretch-hit the snooze button. Yawn and drag yourself out of bed-it’s Monday!

Our oldest granddaughter spent the weekend with us and her friend came to visit too. They went swimming and to the movies and had a great time. I had fun just watching them. From the sound of all the giggles coming out of her bedroom Saturday night I’m guessing she will be sleeping late this morning.

Summer Vacations
Remember what summer vacations were like when you were a child? For us it meant trips to the pool, camping out in the yard, spending the night with friends and never, ever worrying about an alarm clock. Wasn’t that a wonderful feeling?

It’s hard to believe but in just a few weeks Abby will be 11 years old. How does time go so quickly? It seems like yesterday it was my cousin Martha and me lying awake at night and giggling into the morning hours. Watching Abby with her friend Sophia brought back all those memories of fun summers spent with Martha.

Abby is on the left in this picture and Sophia is on the right.

Abby and Sophia

And then we got a visit from our youngest granddaughter Ana. As any good nana would do I was busy snapping pictures when she suddenly yawned really big, as if to say, “Is it almost Monday again?”


So tell me about your weekend and what are you going to do now that it’s Monday again? This is a #Bloghop. Link up and leave me a comment!




  1. Nice photo love the selfie heheh! and aww your youngest granddaughter looks so cute 🙂

    Have a selfietastic week 🙂

  2. Nice photos.I love this capture of yawning.Cute baby!

  3. Ana is so cute. It was a cold weekend here so I spent time staying warm (and more of the same on Monday).

  4. Carol Murphy 12 Jul, 2016

    Babies are so adorable, Love the yawn!

  5. Aww such sweet photos, so cute!!

  6. NanaHood 12 Jul, 2016

    Thanks Carol (super gardner!)

  7. NanaHood 12 Jul, 2016

    Thank you Rhonda and do stay warm!

  8. NanaHood 12 Jul, 2016

    Thank you so much Amila!

  9. NanaHood 12 Jul, 2016

    Thanks and have a great week!

  10. keiths ramblings 12 Jul, 2016

    Why is it when you see somebody yawn you can’t help but yawn too? I just did – but that’s no reflection on your excellent photos!

    Come stroll with me – Linky

  11. teresak 12 Jul, 2016

    I agree!

  12. Emily @ 12 Jul, 2016

    Cute yawn! Gotta love girl sleep overs. The late night giggling was the best!

  13. Such beautiful girls! We had a super busy weekend here, with karate lessons, a pool party, and a street festival. I was glad my son is at camp this week so I can rest up!

  14. pioneerpat1 12 Jul, 2016

    Such beautiful grandkids. Love the pics. Thanks for hosting and have a great week.

  15. Merlinda Little 13 Jul, 2016

    That is just the cutest yawn ever!

  16. Tonya 13 Jul, 2016

    Oh my goodness, that yawn…soooo cute!!

  17. Indah Nuria Savitri 13 Jul, 2016

    and it is indeed cute ;)..enjoy your day, Nana 🙂

  18. Your granddaughters are beautiful! Enjoy your summer vacation with them. It goes by way too quickly.