Mom of the Year

Mom of the Year

Today, if my mother had lived, she would be 78.  She hated having a birthday so close to Christmas and I know that if she had been alive when our twins were born on December 26th of 1991, she would have asked me if I couldn’t have waited another week or so. I can just hear her saying, “The day after Christmas, Teresa, how could you give them such a stinky birthday?”

At times it’s hard to believe she’s been gone since 1990. Other times it seems like just yesterday that I leaned over her hospital bed and whispered in her ear that it was okay to go home…to find a big fluffy cloud and just float away from the pain to Heaven.

Mom was fond of saying the only two things we have to do in this life are die and pay taxes. She was right on the first one but I do know some folks who haven’t paid taxes. Of course, eventually the government catches up with them and they pay one way or the other.

I know we all have to die but every year on her birthday (and other days too) I can’t help but wish she had lived longer. I wasn’t ready to give her up (she was only 51) but I suspect you are never ready to give up your mother.

I wish she could have known my brother’s children and our twins. I wish she could have seen my children marry and meet her great-grandchildren.

I wish someone would find a cure for cancer.

Momma loved Christmas and worked herself into a frenzy to make it special for all of us. Today as I write this it is boring buckets of rain outside. I’m looking at my Christmas tree and remembering….

I remember her unusual laughter. Truthfully it wasn’t a pretty sound; more like a donkey braying, but I loved it when she laughed.

I remember her off-key singing in church. She couldn’t carry a tune in a bucket but it sounded beautiful to me.

I remember her kindness. She always took fruit baskets or cookies to those down on their luck. She sponsored orphans at Christmas and brought them into our home. She loved without reserve.

I remember her faith and how she faced death head on, with courage and confidence.

I loved you so, Mom! I love you still and carry you in my heart. I hear your words daily and I feel your hand in mine when life is hard.

Call Your Mom

If you are reading this and your mother is still alive, call her. Go see her. Hug her. Tomorrow is not guaranteed and there is no love like a mother’s love. No matter what has happened in your life….she loves you. I promise.

Happy Birthday in Heaven, Mom. You weren’t just Mom of the Year to me…you were the Best Mom Ever and I will miss you all the rest of the days of my life.

mom of the year


  1. Bill Kindred 23 Dec, 2017

    She was the Best Mother-In-Law Ever too!!! Miss her.

  2. Sarah 23 Dec, 2017

    She was the best Aunt Shirley too! Loved her so much! And miss her every day.

  3. Very warm and loving woman. The first time I met her I was 18 years old.It was evening I was sitting at the kitchen table talking for sometime.She was talking about a vacation her husband John went on. She left and returned with a pair of copper earrings the were cowboy hats Shirley
    Said “These are for you, I want you to have. Now 38 years and I still have them and that memory. Teresa I see a lot of your mother in you as the years have passed and that is all good! Gental, loving,kind and soft spoken ??????

  4. Linda Jessee 23 Dec, 2017

    Shirley was a special lady

  5. Such a lovely mom you have! Now I want to hug my mom, who has just gone back home to Indonesia..

  6. teresak 26 Dec, 2017

    I’m sure she misses you too!

  7. teresak 26 Dec, 2017

    Thank you so much!

  8. teresak 26 Dec, 2017

    What a nice thing to share!

  9. teresak 26 Dec, 2017

    And she loved you!