Tween Talk, Episode 2 – How to Make Fluffy Homemade Slime

Making homemade slime is one of the craziest trends happening right now, and Martha is here with another Tween Talk to show us all how to make it! Her “recipe” is for making FLUFFY slime, and believe me when I tell you, your kids and grandkids will love it!  Here’s the video:

Slime Recipe

You might have noticed in the video, but there’s no exact science to making our homemade fluffy slime. There are a few key ingredients, but it’s mostly a matter of mixing them all up until it all “works”. Here is the quick list of what you’ll need:

1 bottle (or jug!) of Elmer’s glue  In the video, Martha used white glue, but you can also find GLITTER glue in stores or on amazon, so that’s fun to try as well. If you have several kids who will be making it, or if they LOVE making it as much as the kids we know, you might consider getting the large jug of it from Amazon. When we shopped for glue recently, one of the associates at Walmart told me they are having a VERY hard time keeping glue on the shelves. I’m telling you, slime is POPULAR!
1 bottle of shaving cream – fluffy, foaming kind
1 bottle of contact lens solution

Many of the slime recipes and videos you might see suggest using borax as the activating agent, but we prefer the contact lens solution as there is no possibility of harm or burns. If I can put it in my eyes or on my contacts, it’s not going to hurt my hands!

So, start with a puddle of glue in a bowl. Add quite a bit of shaving cream and stir up. Add a random amount of contact lens solution. Mix, and then begin kneading the almost-slime by hand. Eventually, the mixture will… gel.. and become… SLIME!  See how exact this recipe is? The great (?) thing about making slime is that kids LOVE to do it, and so they’ll want to practice a LOT, and every time they do it, they’ll refine their recipe a bit more.

A Slime Party
handmade pink fluffy slime

PINK Slime

fluffy homemade slime

Light Blue Slime

Slime is so popular (did I say that already?) that when it came time to plan a birthday party earlier this year, Martha decided she needed to include it as an activity AND party favor. Martha made hers with pink glitter glue, and Allan (her big brother) made his with blue glitter glue.  I told the parents ahead of time that we’d be having a “crafty” party, so they could send their children in appropriate clothing. You can tell by Martha’s photo (and the video) that it’s definitely a messy project! Be forewarned that the colors will be VERY light, compared to the colors of the glitter glue. It’s possible to add food coloring or dyes if you want darker colors, but that increases the mess!!

What to do with slime

So, what to do with this messy stuff once it’s made? There’s not a LOT you CAN do, except play with it, stretch it, shape and form it.. and then do that again. A lot of kids and teens enjoy POKING their finished product and listening to the suction noise it makes. (Please don’t ask me to explain that – I have NO idea why – but kids love it). There are entire instagram accounts devoted to slime, if you can believe that. And Etsy shops are full of handmade versions for sale, and even “kits” to make it yourself.

All in all, it’s not the worst craft project my kids have ever wanted to try, and because the ingredients are safe, I can let them make it on their own with little supervision. It’s a fairly simple project to clean up too, since it’s just school glue and shaving cream and saline solution.

Messy, yes. Simple, yes. A winning idea for kids, YES!


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  1. Miss Martha is quite a pro! My grandson would love this!

  2. teresak 25 May, 2017

    Let me know if you make it with him!

  3. I used to love the green and orange slime when I was a kid and it was fun to see it resurface after Ghostbusters. What a gas to see a recipe for it!
    Let me know if you find a recipe for Silly Sand.

  4. My kids have been eyeeing this slimey thing as well Nana.. thanks for sharing it ..

  5. teresak 28 May, 2017

    Thanks Indah…be brave and make it with them!

  6. teresak 28 May, 2017

    I don’t remember ever playing with it, but I may have!