Love Those Blueberries!

Today was a beautiful Sunday in south central Kentucky. The sky was picture perfect blue and the air was crisp and cool. For weeks I have been hauling a sign for our blueberry farm around in the back of my SUV. Today I decided was THE day it needed to be in the ground.

Nick, Justin and Rachel do the work while I make pictures

We planted in March and they have kept us busy this summer!

Putting on the finishing touches

This farm has been in my family for several generations and I couldn’t help but thinking as we placed the sign today that my grandparents and parents would be very pleased to see my children working together there.

Sam (the dog) approves of the sign

To read more about our blueberry adventures visit us


  1. Aw. This brings back such happy memories of picking berries with my siblings!

  2. I remember blue berry picking with my family as a child in Maine. Love Blue berries:) Thanks for linking up ot he NOBH:)

  3. How fun!! I love that it’s still in your family. We still haven’t been blueberry picking. We might try raspberry picking soon, though! I’m surprised you’re just doing yours. We’re north of you and think the picking season is over already.

  4. I went to your blueberry site and read all the information about blueberries and it was so interesting! I learned things I didn’t know and it confirms what I did know – eat blueberries every day. My grandsons will pick blueberries over candy every time!

    How wonderful that you have kept this place in your family!

  5. Hi – Am your Newest Follower from the Tuesday hop – nice to meet you!

    I LOVE Blueberries – anything – yogurt, ice cream, pies, scones, muffins – you name it blueberry and I love it!

    Wish I lived near!

    Have a lovely week!

    beachside cottage

  6. teresak 13 Sep, 2011

    Thanks for visiting NanaHood and eat more blueberries! Come back real soon!

  7. teresak 13 Sep, 2011

    Our plants are too young to pick and our season is in June. Blessings to you!