Life Changing New Technology for Seniors

Disclaimer: I was compensated by Handicare for this review but all thoughts and opinions about the products are strictly my own!

Life Changing New Technology for Seniors that will have you amazed at what’s being done!

Afraid of new technology? Still calling objects gadgets, gizmos and thing-a-ma-jigs

There’s no reason to be afraid! In fact technology can be so much fun that once you try it you may want to show your grandchildren what you’ve learned, (but don’t be surprised if they already know).

No More Coloring Pencils

What if I told you there is an ink pen that allows you to scan a color and then it writes that color. Scan a red apple and your write with red ink. Scan a green leaf and you color in green. How cool is that? Your grandkids would love one, but they can’t have one. At least not yet. It’s in the concept stage but you can read about it here.

Can’t Remember to Exercise

What if you need to monitor your heart health? That’s easy. Get a FitBit. There several that record your resting heart rate and helps you keep an eye on your heart health. FitBits can even remind you to exercise or move during the day. Now if they could just teach it to pull you out of your chair and MAKE you walk a mile or two each day, wouldn’t that be great?

life changing new technology

Can’t Drive Anymore? No Problem!

I don’t know about you but there’s something a little creepy about a car that can drive itself. While I might try one on a test track I’m not planning on going for a ride on the Interstate in one anytime soon, but maybe you might! Seriously, isn’t it amazing that we’ve gone from horse and buggies to cars that drive themselves? Like my Grandma Layne used to say, “What will they think of next?”

life changing new technology

Helpful and Useful Technology You Are Going To Love

You won’t believe all the life changing technology for seniors who are in need of help. You can read about items like the self-driving car, stairlifts, voice recognition software, robots, walk-in baths and more!  There are so many items on this site that I dare say there is something for everyone! What are you waiting for? Hop over and see all the amazing technology that can help you or your loved ones live the life they desire.


  1. You are right, Nana…even for us, technology helps a lot on daily basis. I hope you enjoy it as much as I do..

  2. teresak 25 Apr, 2017

    Hello Indah! Yes I do!