Kid’s Campout and Tent in Nana’s Basement

Fun Kid’s Campout at Nana’s house

It’s close to Christmas and I wanted to create something fun for my grandchildren to do that wouldn’t cost a fortune.

After looking on Pinterest I decided to have a campout and build the littles a tent. You can follow me on Pinterest at NanaHoodRocks

There were tons of great ideas and elaborate tents but I stuck to the basics: four bar stools and a whole bunch of sheets and couch cushions.

kid's campout

I covered my couch cushions with sheets, put the tent in front of the television so we could have a movie and popcorn. I put a stuffed animal in every corner and waited for the grandchildren to come over. I found the star lights on Amazon and they were battery operated and even come with a remote control.

Kid's Campout

Before the grandchildren got here Bella discovered the tent and decided the cushions and tent were meant for her! I could not convince her to come out! But as soon as the kids came over and crawled in…she came out! Wonder why>

Kid's campout

They had popcorn and watched a movie and loved being in the tent. I think they would have liked for me to leave it up all year but it made it hard to get around in the basement. However, it was such a success that we will definitely be doing it again.

Did you ever build tents when you were a child? Do your children or grandchildren like building them?

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  1. teresa perez 18 Dec, 2017

    How fun look how creative you are. they must love you…

  2. Looks like great fun!

  3. Its been my experience that kids just LOVE these environments! Yours look right at home! And poor Bella! But I have 6 cats who manage to disappear when the grandkids show up and we haven’t been able to find their hiding spots!

  4. Oh what fun they definitely looked like they enjoyed being in the tent especially Bella haha!

    Have a camptastic Christmas with lots of presents and goodies 🙂

    Best wishes from London UK

  5. What a wonderful time. Thanks for hosting and have a wonderful week.

  6. Wow, love the lights – you took the tent to a new level!

    Merry Christmas to you Teresa – thanks for hosting and sharing your life with us each week! 🙂

  7. That is so gorgeous!! How lovely you get so much time with them! Merry xmas!

  8. Used to do them in the garden with my kids when they were little using clothes horses and blankets.


  9. Looks so cozy in there!

  10. teresak 21 Dec, 2017

    They loved it!

  11. teresak 21 Dec, 2017

    And I bet they loved it!

  12. teresak 21 Dec, 2017

    And Merry Christmas to you Lydia!