Kentucky’s Paradise Point – A Fun Place to Visit

Kentucky’s Paradise Point is a fun place to visit….even when they are closed!

Every once in awhile I see something while I’m driving that catches my eye and I have to stop and make pictures. I couldn’t pass up taking a few pictures of Paradise Point which is near Barren River State Park, about an hour from my house. The day I made these photos was a Sunday so they were closed.

Kentucky's Paradise PointIt isn’t every day you find “paradise” and I never expected to stumble upon it just an hour from my house! I enjoyed looking at all the signs and things I could see from my car and I can’t wait to go back. I agree with the sign out front…I may make one for my house. “Be nice or leave!”

Kentucky's Paradise Point

This bus doesn’t look like it’s been moved in awhile so I’m guessing either the nudist colony abandoned it, or someone just painted that on the side to be funny, probably the latter.

Kentucky's Paradise Point

Don’t think this one is drivable either but it sure is eye-catching…..agree?

The Paradise Point webpage describes itself this way,”Looking for adventure and fun, your next destination has to be Paradise Point! Selling everything from hotdogs & gourmet foods to far-out furniture, the entire family will love it! Known as “the hippest shop in Kentucky”, you wont be disappointed!”

Even though they were closed I still enjoyed my visit and I plan on going back very soon. Can’t wait to visit them and see what’s in the antique shop!

Hope you had a great week and would love to see your photos and hear what you have been up to lately!

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  1. Oh what an interesting place! It made me smile. What a great find.

  2. Thanks for hosting and what a super cool place to go. I want to visit there. Thanks for sharing.

  3. Paradise Point looks like a very unique and fun place to visit! Love the wild car, reminds me of the hippie 60’s!

  4. teresak 27 Jun, 2017

    Thanks for stopping by and yes, it was a wild looking car but a great photo op!

  5. teresak 27 Jun, 2017

    Hey Patrick, if you do my husband and I will meet you there for lunch!

  6. teresak 27 Jun, 2017

    Thanks for stopping by Ruth! It is a cute place!

  7. This looks like fun, love the car, reminds me of tie dye!
    Thanks for hosting!

  8. A fun bunch of photos for sure, I can imagine what it’s like when they’re open.

  9. Very colorful car – happy 4th to you!

  10. Judy Jolly 27 Jun, 2017

    It is a very unique place to visit. We ate Sat morning breakfast there and it was wonderful. You will enjoy the gifts and shopping inside too!

  11. Oh, this is so funny. We have beach for nudists in our county 🙂 And I love ‘Happy is the new rich’. Greetings from Poland.

  12. I first heard of Paradise Point a couple of weeks ago when a friend went to visit. I grew up in Barren county and was in grade school when the Barren River Dam was built. Its only been about 2 years since I drove that road and I didn’t see this place. It’s gotta be something new?

  13. teresak 1 Jul, 2017

    I went back and am doing a second article!

  14. teresak 1 Jul, 2017

    Thank you so much for visiting from Poland! Hope you will come back!

  15. teresak 1 Jul, 2017

    I am not sure how long it’s been there, but I went back and I’m doing a second post about it.

  16. Thank you for hosting. Have a good weekend.