Jeff Bleeds Blue (That’s University of Kentucky Blue!)

Jeff and Julie are good friends of ours. Not only are we neighbors, our children grew up together and we go to church together. Jeff and Julie are in New Orleans, waiting for the Kentucky vs. Kansas game tonight. I don’t know of anyone who loves University of Kentucky basketball better than Jeff and where I’m from, that’s saying a lot.

See for yourself….this clip was on a Kentucky television station. It was made before Kentucky played Louisville last Saturday night. Louisville is the red shirt team Jeff is talking about. There are several people in this film clip but Jeff is the first one interviewed and he’s definitely the most entertaining. I promise, he really bleeds blue!


  1. Kelly Jo 2 Apr, 2012


  2. Barbara Glass 4 Apr, 2012

    That is Jeff being his old self. I bet the camera man couldn’t stop talking about him. Only Julie can live with him, I went to school with him and he hasn’t change a bit. Good old Jeff….