Is it really almost Easter?

happy easter“>

It’s hard for me to believe that it’s almost Easter, maybe because I feel like we just put the snow shovel up yesterday. It is supposed to be a beautiful weekend so I hope all of you go egg hunting with your children and grandchildren. Please take the camera and make pictures to send me! There is a contact icon at the top of the NanaHood page and you can send info to me there. Or you can use the NanaHood Facebook Fan page to contact me.

I also would love to hear about your Easter memories. Mine include wearing a new dress with matching white shoes, white hat and white purse. I was about 5 years old and we stopped by my grandmother’s house on the way to church. Unfortunately it had been raining and I stepped in a mud puddle, got my new shoes and socks dirty and proceeded to wail! Then I dropped my purse in the puddle too. By the time my mom rescued me I looked like I had been mud wrestling.

Signs that Easter and Spring are really here….

Chocolate Bunnies and Other Ways to Celebrate...

There are lots of ways to celebrate Easter with your children and grandchildren but one of the most traditional is the gift basket. This year why not make the basket extra special by customizing it to fit the child’s hobbies and interests?

*For younger children you could include an Easter picture book, crayons and coloring book, along with some windup toys and candy.

*Another gift idea is concert  tickets or tickets to a event they would like to attend, such as a sporting event or broadway play. You might even want to go with your grandchildren to the event, or offer a teenager two tickets, one to be shared with a friend.

*One way to encourage your grandchildren’s or children’s sports and hobbies would be with theme presents.  If a youngster loves baseball, give a new glove filled with candies. If a child is wild about horses, try a portable wooden stable and some toy horses. Teenagers might enjoy basket filled with Easter edibles plus cell phone accessories or CDs.

*Children love treats, so consider giving a homemade Easter basket. Bake your grandchild’s favorite cookies or muffins and put the them in a decorative basket. For teenagers, add gift certificates to their favorite restaurant,  for younger include some hot cocoa and a bag of miniature marshmallows.

*If your grandchildren live far away and you won’t be able to visit at Easter, send them an online gift card or a unique gift basket. Teenagers will be especially excited to receive a gift card that lets them do some shopping.

Share the Reason for the Season

Christmas isn’t the only holiday that children need to be reminded of the true meaning behind the celebration. The world is full of people who think Easter is only about colored eggs and chocolate bunnies. For Christians Easter is a celebration of Christ’s resurrection. A reminder that because He lives, we can face tomorrow!



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