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One of the best things about blogging is meeting other bloggers and making friends. Today I’d like to introduce a “kindred spirit” and new cyber friend of mine who blogs at GaGaSisterhood (I just love that name!) , Please give a big NanaHood welcome to Donne Davis!

As much as I adored my grandma, I never gave much thought to becoming a grandma myself. My daughter got married in 1996, but she and my son-in-law didn’t rush into parenthood the way my husband and I did after we got married. They focused on their careers the way so many young couples do today.

Seven years went by and still no grandchildren—just two “grand dogs!” In 2002, we were celebrating my daughter’s birthday when she handed my husband and me a gift bag with a personalized license plate frame that read, “Grandparents…Finally!!!”

And thus began the greatest adventure of my life. I never dreamed being a grandma would be as much fun, or as complicated as it’s turned out to be. But I wouldn’t trade it for any other time in my life.

I’ve witnessed the births of both my granddaughters and after the first one, I went completely “gaga.” When I came back down to earth, I realized two things: 1) almost every grandma I met was gaga for her grandchildren, and 2) being a grandma was challenging. I had lots of questions and wanted to hear what other grandmas were experiencing. I envisioned an organization where grandmas could talk about what it means to be a grandma today.

In December 2003, I invited all the grandmas I knew to my house for the first official meeting of the GaGa Sisterhood. We told stories about what our grandchildren call us and how we got those names, the great lengths we go to see them, how we juggle all our roles to make time for them, and most importantly, how we get along with their parents. We had so much to share and all agreed we wanted to continue meeting.

Our Sisterhood has grown into an organization of multi-faceted women who enjoy connecting with other grandmas for ideas, inspiration, and encouragement. We have members across the U.S. who subscribe to my monthly newsletter, the GaGazine, for tips on creative ways to stay connected with our families.

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