Yesterday I was driving home from work and the scenery was so beautiful I almost couldn’t keep my eyes on the road. I kept noticing the way the light shown on the fall foliage. If I were an artist I would be painting the shimmering gold, reds and yellows on the trees. When I turned in my driveway and pulled up next to my house I turned the car off and just sat there admiring God’s handy work. It was breath taking.

I started thinking about light and realized that it wasn’t until the trees were illuminated by the sunshine that they were beyond beautiful. They were just pretty trees until they were touched by light and then it occurred to me, that’s the way people are too.

Last week I went to the funeral of a man who was illuminated by the light of the Lord. Just looking at him you could see the reflection of Jesus.

Let me see if I can describe him to you. I never saw Larry when he wasn’t smiling…ever. He was always happy and always at peace no matter what the circumstances. If someone was sick, he was the first one at the hospital to visit. If someone had a need, he was the first one to ask how he could help. He was at every church service and drove to the nursing home every Sunday morning to preach a service for residents there.
You may not have known my friend Larry, but I bet you have known someone like him; someone whose soul shimmers and shines with the light of Jesus.

I want to be illuminated too. Use me, Lord, and help me be a reflection of your light so that I can lead others to you.

Mt 5:14
You are the light of the world – like a city on a mountain, glowing in the night for all to see.


  1. Well said my friend. Tootsie

  2. teresak 4 Nov, 2011

    Love ya Toots!

  3. Diane 11 Nov, 2011

    I love your articles, the one on the reflection of Jesus in our lives is beautiful. Good work, Diane