If I had as many grandchildren as you….

This is the title of Lori Stewart’s new book, and I loved it so much I just had to tell you about it.

“Grand Paws” is a wise old lion who gives advice to another grandfather about all the wonderful places he could take his grandchildren, as well as adventures they could have. The book includes pictures of art forms, natural phenomena and wonders of the world. The authors engaging prose was easy to understand and almost melodic.

Listen as Grand Paws talks about teaching his grandchildren to sing and dance.

“The whole weary world would stop and start staring

At grandchildren dancing and laughing and caring.

And thus would they learn that this life is for sharing!

Those are but a few of the things I would do,

If I had as many grandchildren as you!”

I read the book to my youngest granddaughter (who tried to eat it while I was reading) and will definitely read it to the older one as soon as I have the time.

I made this photo with my cell while lying down with Kennedy and reading to her (the red thing is the book) and it definitely was not a flattering angle for me. Of course for her, there are no bad angles.

Anyway, the book is a great read for grandparents, or it would be a wonderful gift for new grandparents and I highly recommend it.

Disclaimer: This is my own opinion and I was not paid to review this book. I did receive a free copy to review and I’m so glad I did!

NanaHood’s 3rd Birthday Bash!

One lucky person is going to win a copy of this book at NanaHood’s birthday party. So stay tuned and keep coming back. The fun and games are about to begin!




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