If I Could Change The World

If I could change the world I would start by making sure every child felt loved from the moment they were born. Why would I start with love? Because years ago I taught a high school class for at-risk students and if there was a common denominator among them it was that they felt unloved. They didn’t tell me that but it wasn’t hard to figure it out. It’s hard to love others if we aren’t loved.


I would make sure everyone in the world had food, clean water and shelter. I confess I can’t watch the commercials on television where there are starving children with bloated stomachs and insects crawling on them. I. Just. Can’t. Every man, woman and child deserves those three things.

I would clean up television, movies, the Internet, and publications. I know this sounds like I’m against free speech. I’m not. I believe that just because we have the right to say anything we want, we don’t have the right to be vulgar and gross in front of other people. Say what you want to say but do it where I don’t have to listen to you. Same thing with visual images and movies. If you have to make trash then put it on a channel or a time when I don’t have to see it, and that means commercials to. Who wants to be watching television with their grandchildren and hear about vaginal dryness or 8 hour erections?

I would make sure everyone took responsibility for their own actions. So many people want to blame others for their problems. Everyone messes up. Own it.

I would put all the leaders of the world in one room and now allow them out until they figure out a way to get along and have peace. They can have translators, food, water, showers, bathrooms and a bed but they don’t come out until we have a peaceful world.

There’s more I would do, but that’s a start. How about you? How would you change the world?


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