I Wish…

Remember looking at the stars when you were young and saying “I wish I may, I wish I might, Have this wish I wish tonight”?

Even though I know it’s silly, I still wish on falling stars.

What do I wish for?

Lately I find myself wishing that everyone in the world worked as hard at loving one another as they do at tearing each other down.

I wish no soldier ever had to lose a limb or their life to be awarded a medal.

My cousin’s family member who was just awarded the Purple Heart.

I wish there was no need for grief counseling at our schools and that people with mental problems could be stopped (and given help)  before they hurt innocent people.

I wish no parent ever had to get a phone call with bad news about one of their children.

I wish there was no such thing as Alzheimers, cancer, or any other disease for that matter, that robbed us of our loved ones.

My grandmother would say, “Wishing doesn’t make it so,” and she would be right. I’m wishing for something that isn’t going to happen here on earth. There’s only one place I know of where there is no pain or sorrow. Heaven. Just as I know wishing can’t change anything…I know that prayer can.

Next time I think about wishing on a star I think I’ll say a prayer instead.


  1. Mary Alice 29 Aug, 2012

    I love this post…amen, and amen…..

  2. Angie Turner 30 Aug, 2012

    Love this!