Happy Birthday Martha Todd!

This has been a rough year for my cousin Martha. After learning that her breast cancer had returned for the third time late last year, she spent most of this year flying back and forth to M.D. Anderson in Texas, visiting doctors and taking chemo. Not exactly a good way to spend a year of her life, but if you know Martha you know that she faced this crisis pretty much the same way she has faced every other problem in her life; with a smile on her face and her heart in God’s hands.

Martha isn’t just my cousin, she’s my faith sister, my friend and I love her dearly.

Today is her birthday and I can’t let the day go by without telling her again how much she means to me and to everyone who knows her. You are an awesome Christian woman and a shining light to all who know you!

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  1. mary alice yokley 3 Dec, 2011

    Actually, it’s tomorrow! (Sunday)….but the sentiment is the same for Saturday, Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday!!!! Love you, Martha!!!