Halloween Baking and Decorating

Halloween Baking

Happy Halloween! Hopefully today is a fun day with your kids and grandkids, costumes and parties and candy, oh my!

We are doing some last minute Halloween baking and decorating (and pumpkin carving too).  Homeschooling means we can adapt our normal schedule and bake ALL DAY LONG! This makes Martha a happy camper.. or Happy Bacon Cheeseburger (one of her two Halloween costumes).


Over the next few months, Martha will be sharing videos and posts with recipes and fun baking and cooking ideas for you and your grandkids.  Today’s post includes a cute Halloween cupcake idea, made SUPER simple by Wilton Icing Decorations.  If you haven’t seen them before, Wilton makes a TON of fun cupcake/baking decorations for all your holiday, birthday, and just fun-day needs. For a ten year old, these are ideal, because Martha can make simple cupcakes extraordinary with very little effort!


How To – Halloween Baking

Martha made a batch of simple yellow cake cupcakes from this recipe, and then used creamy white frosting to top her cupcakes. Using the Knife Icing Decorations (similar to this one) and the Wilton Red Sparkle Gel , Martha had super cute (ok, cute might be the wrong word) Halloween Cupcakes in a jiffy!

Next up, Witch’s Fingers cookies, with a special mold to make these easy too!

We are looking forward to Thanksgiving and Christmas cupcakes with this set and this set. Wilton also makes great cookie cutter sets, gingerbread house kits, and more! We can’t wait to show you some of our fun finds and baking attempts!


What are YOU doing for Halloween? Trick or Treating? Baking and Carving? Let us know in the comments! We’d especially love to see photos of your grands in their costumes. You can post in the comments or on our NanaHood facebook page!

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  1. This is super cool, Nana..So Halloween!

  2. That is a killer cupcake!

  3. teresak 7 Nov, 2017

    Yes it is!