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Little Love Bites!

This one’s about Valentine’s Day. And fellow grandmothers. And the way those two heartwarming topics recently wove themselves together into one tidy little celebration of the season of love!

No matter how vintage, the most endearing portraits of grandmother and child capture moments of sharing. Reading, cooking, gardening, sewing, crafting…..For those of us given to entertaining our grandchildren in this fashion, every day is Valentine’s Day!

 Now, I’m betting that you’ve done the same yourself – numerous times, testing many recipes. And, that you might also be pondering the perfect Valentine gift for your little cooking companion. Just the right thing: a reminder of how precious those grandma-and-me moments are for both of you.

The kids and I often cook together. Sometimes we stock inventory for our family bake sales, where mommies and daddies and aunties and uncles line up to gobble the cookies and muffins we make together. Most often, though, we create for ourselves, warming a winter’s kitchen with the alluring scent of well browned banana bread – one loaf for nibbling now, one for taking home.

Personalized Apron and Chef Hat
I never would have considered Kaylee’s personalized apron and chef hat had I not been a reader of Leslie and Kay’s GrandparentsLink blog. I was the lucky give-away winner of this adorable set – a product of Growing Cooks, designed by Alice Meoni and available in a range of sizes for both girls and boys!
Would this gift solution work for you? Packaged, perhaps, with a kid’s cookbook and an invitation to pick out something yummy and come bake it with grandma very, very soon? I hope so! Expect beautiful craftsmanship, prompt and efficient service, gift-worthy packaging – and lots of memory making fun for yourself and your little sidekick-in-the-kitchen!


Clicking to submit my order, I was firmly nudged at the elbow. “What about Mickey?” Roxie urged. (She’s in long-distance-love with yet another grandma blogger’s handsome pet!)  So, two bags it was, both of them “large!”

Without a whimper, our treats were promptly whisked to us, states away in two directions. What a hit! Mickey’s mama, (Lisa, of Grandma’s Briefs) reported “four paws up!” Roxie offered “five stars” and a giant “slurp!” of satisfaction!Maybe these “little love bites” will gift a furry snuggle-bug in your life, too!
This is not a sponsored post. I just enjoy sharing good things that come into my life!                                                                 XXOOXX  Please visit Grandma Joyce at WhatHappensatGrandma’s and tell her NanaHood sent you!

“So, who’s this Roxie who thinks I’m a hottie?”
“When might I expect another treat delivery?”
This is a blog hop! Link up and let us know how you are celebrating Valentine’s day!


  1. Who doesn’t love a cute personalize apron?! I know I sure do and I am 42! Even my boys have their own aprons…because we all need to know how to cook and it is way more fun with a cute apron! Thanks for sharing.


  2. Four paws up – heehee!

  3. Interesting post.Cute girl looks so happy…

  4. Your picture of licking lips is great!!!

  5. Ahhh, the image of the dog is priceless!

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