GRANDchildren Love to Celebrate

It’s been a great weekend. Abby, the GRANDdaughter, was here all weekend doing what she does best…spreading hugs and cheer.  It was Jessi’s birthday (my son’s girlfriend) and Abby made her a card.

Abby used some of my daughter’s craft supplies to decorate the card; pink feathers and a pink rose and then she drew Jessi and Justin (my son) and their dog, Dexter, in the center of the card.

Next Abby informed me we needed to make a cake. I told her what she needed and she did most of the work (well, I did have to get a little egg shell out).

It looks like spaghetti sauce but it’s red velvet cake. Abby put the icing on the cake and then found some red sprinkles which she dumped on the center of the cake. Next she got a tube of black icing to write on the cake. She asked me how old Jessi was and I told her 23. So she drew a picture of a candle on the cake and wrote the number 23.

Later Abby made us all put feathers in our hair and when Jessi and Justin came home we were supposed to jump up and say “Surprise!”  I don’t think she was surprised (except maybe by the feathers in our hair) but it was such a sweet thing for Abby to do.

She loves Jessi (and so do we).

Hope you had a great birthday, Jessi!


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  1. She looks professional making that cake!
    And Happy Birthday Jessi!