GoGo squeeZ and Grandkids Go Together Like Peanut Butter and Jelly

Disclaimer: I have been compensated for this review with product samples of various flavors. 

If your grandkids haven’t tried GoGo squeeZ yet then you need to get some for them because they are going to love it and so will you. Here’s why….

No Spoon and No Mess

They simply twist off the tops (which you can put back on if they don’t finish) and enjoy!

GoGo Squeez

It’s gluten, nut and dairy free!

So many kids these days have food allergies and this is a great choice for them.

GoGo Squeez

This week is fall break so I’ve had grandchildren visiting all week. We have done a lot of fun things. So far their favorite has been the hayride and bonfire but today we are going to the park and you can bet I’ll be taking lots of GoGo squeeZ for them. They love it and it doesn’t have to be refrigerated. I can put it in my purse and off we go.

This little guy wanted to choose his own flavor while watching Micky Mouse on television and he definitely wasn’t interested in posing for nana! What’s more fun than toddlers eating GoGo squeeZ, watching Micky Mouse and doing the Hot Dog Dance with Nana?

There are so many delicious flavors to choose from. This morning they had Apple Raspberry Lemon Twist, Blueberry, Apple Grape, and Apple Banana to choose from. My grandson had two but his sister (who is known for being a picky eater) only had one. They both finished them and then tossed the empty container in the trash.

We also received a Halloween treat in the mail and 3 of the grands happened to be here to open it. They were so excited. Can you tell?

That eyeball just didn’t fit exactly right in her eye, but she loved playing like it did. They are so excited about Halloween and GoGo squeeZ has a new flavor our just in time for the holiday. Can you guess what flavor? Wouldn’t Pumpkin Pie Spice make a wonderful treat? And you wouldn’t have to worry about food allergies of your little visiting spooks!

Go Go Squeez

Watch as they unbox their surprise!

So Nanas, go get you some GoGo squeeZ and keep it for when the grandchildren visit. You will be the most popular Nana on the block! And the next time your grands visit be sure and check out the fun GoGoWeen Party Kit Your grands will love it! So many fun things to do and make!

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  1. My grandkids just love these too, In fact, one of them brought those for her pre-school treat yesterday!
    And your grandkiddoes! What cuties! Those personalities just pop off the screen!
    And PS – this crazy grandma LOVES “the hot dog dance song” too!

  2. teresak 5 Oct, 2017

    Thanks Joyce! I so appreciate your visit and comment. You are such a fantastic grandmother. I love your blog!

  3. My 17 yr old loves these. He takes them to band practice to eat before hitting the field. Best thing ever.

  4. teresak 9 Oct, 2017

    Good for him!