Giving Thanks for Snow


Before you throw a snow ball at me let me explain why I’m giving thanks for snow today.  It isn’t because I’m thrilled to have more of the white stuff here in Kentucky, although it is beautiful.

The driveway to our house

The driveway to our house

It’s because of all the memories I have of “Snow Days,” and the things I have learned over the years about snow and winter.

When my five children were all under ten years old and the gray days seemed to consist of a steady stream of runny noses, dirty diapers, bottles, squabbles, and laundry, I remember thinking that winter would last forever.  Oh how I longed for the coming of spring and a trip to the beach!

It didn’t last forever, of course, it just felt like it would. Snow melts. Spring comes. Flowers bloom. Little boys and girls grow up, get married and make us nanas (what a blessing that is!)

So this morning I decided to offer moms (and maybe some nanas) who are coping with Snow Blizzard Blues some tips for staying sane. Hope these help.

1. Have a picnic.  Not outside, of course, in the house. Get a basket or box and fill it up with sandwiches and a blanket. Go somewhere in the house where you never eat and have a picnic. Kids love pretending and doing something unusual. We did this once in front of the fire place and pretended we were at the beach. I still remember how cute their little faces looked as we played on our blanket and pretended the warmth of the fire was the warmth of the sun.

2. Get out of the house. If the roads aren’t too slick, go to the library and read some books. Find a gym or YMCA and let the kids run off some steam while you walk. Everyone will feel better by the time you get back home.

3. Make some sock puppets with markers (see yesterday’s post). If you don’t have Googly Eyes, use buttons or you can even draw the eyes on if need be.

4. If your children are old enough take them outside and let them play in the snow. Make movies so that when they grow up they can be reminded of snow days at home with mom. Instead of just building a snow man, have a contest to see who can build the funniest snow person.  The winner gets extra marshmallows in their hot chocolate. You might also add some video footage of the kitchen and laundry area of the house and remind them that while they were having fun, they were also making a mess!

5. Build a big bonfire and go night sledding. My parents did this with us once and I still remember how special it was!

6. Make time for mom. This one is hard when you are in the midst of week three of snow, dirty laundry and running to the grocery store, but remember to take time out for yourself.  Take long soaking bubble baths at night after your husband gets home. Put the kids to bed early and watch a movie or read a book. If you have relatives or friends close by you can call on, ask for a couple of hours of baby sitting time.  Most nanas love to help out and will gladly come stay with their grandchildren so that you can get out for awhile.  Many churches have Moms Day Out, and will keep your children for a couple of hours. If you are well rested you will be more able to deal with Old Man Winter.

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  1. We are in rural Maryland and after two huge dumps of snow we have pretty much been snowed in for 10 days! Being stuck here is really starting to get on my nerves. Because my kids happen to be quite well behaved when we go out, we go out often. Even just a short trip to the grocery store helps to save my sanity! I have not been able to do that for two weeks and so your post today was an incredible blessing! It reminded me that I need to be creative and seeing as it is now lunch time we will be having our lunch in front of the fireplace. Thank you so much!