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If you visit NanaHood on a regular basis you know what I am blogging about almost daily, and if you don’t then take a moment and scroll through the last ten to fifteen posts and you will soon figure it out.

When I started blogging about breast cancer a few weeks ago I wondered if it would be hard to blog about the same topic over and over.  It isn’t and I will tell you why.

From the National Cancer Institute….

After skin cancer, breast cancer is the most commonly diagnosed cancer in women in the United States. Approximately 200,000 women are diagnosed with breast cancer each year; 40,000 are estimated to die from their disease each year. Men can get breast cancer too; an estimated 1,500 men in this country are diagnosed each year.

That is a huge number, but numbers don’t mean much to me (unless they are connected to my bank account). In order for me to understand how many women and men breast cancer affects I have to put faces on the numbers. When I do that it motivates me to get off my backside and help raise money for research.

Faces of breast cancer

In previous posts I have told you about family members and friends who have fought or are fighting breast cancer.  Every day now it seems I hear of someone else.

This is Elaine Walker, Kentucky’s Secretary of State who happens to be from Bowling Green, which is near where I live. She announced recently that after a routine mammogram doctors informed her she has breast cancer. Because of early diagnosis her prognosis is very good.

Yesterday my daughter called and informed me that a lady at our church had been diagnosed and will be going this week and starting treatments soon.

With one of every eight women getting breast cancer at some point in their lifetime we don’t have any time to waste. Yes, with early detection survival rates are good, but do you really want someone you love going through surgery, chemo and radiation?

What you can do…

Wear pink and ask your friends and family if they have had their annual exam and then keep after them until they do!

Visit my NanaHood Friends and Family page and make a donation to the Susan G. Komen Foundation.

Bake some cupcakes and put pink icing on them. Sell them for a dollar a piece and donate that money to cancer research through my page.

Come to our Pink Pajama Party this Saturday night. Tickets are $4 and all money goes to the Susan G. Komen Foundation

Visit my NanaHood Friends and Family Team page and help us get the word out about what we are doing! If you have a blog…please blog about it. If you have a Facebook Page….please post the link to the NanaHood team page ( and ask your friends to help. If you have a church bulletin, tell your church members about it and ask them to help.

The important thing is to do something. Not doing anything increases the risk that your daughters, daughter-in-laws and granddaughters will be dealing with breast cancer too!




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