Fun Crafts to Share With Your Grandchildren

My six year old granddaughter loves to make things and since I am not crafty, I fell in love with this companies products. I think you will too.

Abby was excited when I told her I had a surprise for her and when she saw what it was she literally jumped up and down until I handed it over. She immediately set to work on her butterfly pillow. I think you can tell by the pictures and video how much fun she had!


Abby didn’t follow the pattern that was already designed on the pillow, but that was okay with me. As far as I’m concerned it was just as pretty with her “do it my way” approach.

This great product can be found at The Orb Factory,

They make educational, mess-free crafts that are perfect for grandparents and their grandchildren to complete together. Their crafts are simple to use and most follow a numbered legend, much like the classic paint-by-number kits. They produce not only perfect results, but also a special memento of time shared together.

Disclaimer: “This product was given to me free of charge. All opinions are mine.”

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