Friday Night Slumber Party With My Daughter

When Rachel was young Friday nights meant TGIF, a slate of goofy television shows that she loved and I endured because it meant sitting next to her on the couch or lying beside her on the floor. Step by Step, Family Matters, Full House, were a few of the ones I remember.

Now my little girl is all grown up. She’s a first grade teacher, married to a wonderful guy, and they live about an hour away. Gabe had somewhere to go tonight so Rachel came home to spend the night with me. It’s a Friday night slumber party, but a little different now than it once was.

For one thing we probably won’t watch any television, or if we do, it will be an old movie or the Hallmark Channel. Another difference is that we probably will bake something together in the kitchen, as opposed to eating chips out of a bag or a bowl of popcorn. And then when it comes to slumbering….odds are we will both konk out before ten.

Things have changed but I still love my little girl and love having slumber parties with her!

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  1. This post brought back a lot of memories! My daughters are a little older, so the shows I remember are the Brady Bunch and Gilligan’s Island. My son loved almost all cartoons, but especially Speed Racer and any super heroes.