Friday Fun Links – More summertime fun…

This week, I have family in town.  My brother and his wife and their three kids are staying with us for about five days.  Which adds up to a total of four adults and six kids.  Our house right now is LOUD!  And fun!  And busy!

Yesterday afternoon, the littlest kiddos were napping, and the four older ones and I decided to watch a movie.  We chose a classic – “Annie”.  Now, I just have to say, my brother and sister-in-law are doing a fabulous job of raising their children, because both of their girls new EVERY song and EVERY line of the movie.  It was… in a word… fabulous!

So, in the spirit of how much fun that way, today’s post is dedicated to movies and activities you can do surrounding movies.

Ok folks, I’m off to join in the fray that is my household today.  Happy Friday!

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