Friday Fun Links… and the Birthday BASH is coming…

I took the last couple of weeks off from Friday Fun links, but I’m back again today with a BIRTHDAY version.


Teresa and I are gearing up for August 11th, when we’ll be celebrating NanaHood’s FIRST birthday!  And by celebrate, we mean GAMES, PRIZES, TRIVIA, GIVEAWAYS… you know, fun things for YOU!

Today’s links are all about BIRTHDAYS – and a couple of them may even be hints at prizes you might could win during the Birthday Bash!  I’m not telling you WHICH links are hints, so just enjoy the fun…and anticipation!  (P.S. The links today are all from, since that’s my “home away from home”)

Special request – if you have a blog or website, would you please consider posting about the NanaHood Birthday Bash?  We’d love to have a BIG party with LOTS of folks, so if you’ll help us get the word out, we’d appreciate it.  Feel free to snag the banner below:


More details about the Birthday Bash are coming soon!

Happy Friday, folks

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