Fashion Friday – One Piece Hooded Pajamas

Martha and her brother are dancing in their end-of-the-year recital this week…enduring long hours at rehearsals…so we weren’t able to do a Fashion Friday video like we hoped. But do not despair! Martha wanted to share a very important Fashion Friday trend – one piece hooded pajama sets (basically “onesies” for kids and adults?)! I won’t tell you how many of these we have in our household, but you might need more than one hand to count them!

I’m not really sure why these are so popular with the tweens (and teens.. AND even adults), but I guess it’s because they are soft and comfy and warm. Check out a few of the most popular ones (that we may or may not already own):

unicorn hooded pajamas

Unicorn Hooded Pajamas


Giraffe Hooded Pajamas

Hooded Giraffe Pajamas

Panda Hooded Pajamas

Hooded Panda Pajamas

When to Wear Hooded Pajamas

Now you wouldn’t think hooded pajamas could be work outside in daily life, but.. you’d be wrong! Apparently it’s totally acceptable to wear these while out running errands. It’s probably MOST acceptable on Halloween…. but, really.. people do wear these out of the house! (And I’m not just talking about kids!)

What do you think? Would YOU wear hooded pajamas outside of the house? Would you wear them INSIDE the house? Just in case your kids or grandkids want to purchase one for Dad for Father’s Day, here’s a link to an entire family set of Justice League hooded pajamas:

Justice League Hooded Pajamas for family

Family Set of Hooded Pajamas


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