Fashion Friday, Episode 1 – Press on Nails

Martha is back with a new series that we’ll plan to share most every Friday… called Fashion Friday! She LOVES everything Fashion, and she can’t wait to share with you the most happening, fun, fashion trends for tweens and young teens. This week’s chat focuses on press-on nails (with a little glimpse of two of her other favorite things – squishies and fidget spinners!) Check it out:


You know your favorite tween girl(s) are going to want some of these fabulous 3-D press on nails. Martha purchased hers at Hobby Lobby, but they can also be found at places like JusticeClaires, and Walmart.

Disclaimer – The press-on nails don’t typically last very long – Martha usually gets a day or two out of one set of 10, but they are still fun for a special event or “just because”. There are a lot of styles, and while not all of the press-on nails are 3-D with googly eyes and scents, you are sure to find plenty of options to fit your (tween’s) style or mood.

We think these would be a really fun party favor – especially a spa/salon themed party! Your tween could invite a few friends to relax and play relaxing dance music and fix hair and/or nails together. With the variety of designs available at places like Claires and Justice, there’s a style for everyone. Martha also suggested that these would be a great gift or add-on to a gift for a birthday party.

Fun Designs

Here are a few of the designs we will be trying soon:

Press On Nails from Justice, Fashion Friday Nails

Martha LOVES chevron, and these are perfect for pink or blue outfits!

Press On Nails from Justice, Fashion Friday Nails

Polka dots and flowers? Yes, please!

Press on Nails from Claires, Fashion Friday Nails

Rainbows and Butterflies… perfect!

What Do You Think?

What do you think about Press-on Nails for tweens? Would you spend a Friday evening hanging out with your girl(s), decorating nails and talking girl-talk? We’d love to hear what you think in the comments! And thanks for watching the Fashion Friday Nails video!

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