Fall Decorating

I am not an organized person. I try, but it just isn’t in my nature. We moved twice last year and I still haven’t found everything. I’m hoping my tree ornaments turn up before Christmas because last year I only had enough ornaments to decorate one small section of the tree. I put it in the corner of the den and  it looked okay, but it would be nice to be able to decorate the whole thing.

Anyway, I do well to decorate at Christmas but I have lots of friends and neighbors who decorate all year long.  At Easter they hang eggs from their trees.  On Groundhogs day they hang groundhogs from their trees (just kidding).

This morning I was admiring one neighbor’s creativity so I called her and asked her if I could make a picture of her yard. She graciously allowed me to do so.

halloweenThe lady I’m referring to is Johanna Compton and a few weeks ago she was Nana of the Week. When I asked her about her yard she said her grandchildren loved to help and actually get mad at her if they aren’t allowed to get in on the decorating action.

fall display

Not only did she do two beautiful displays in her yard, she decorated the grandchildren’s play house! Is that an awesome, nana or what?


Your yard is beautiful. Way to go Nana Johana! (Boy does that have a nice ring to it or what?)

What about you? Do you do fall decorating at your house? Send me some pictures and tell me a little about your project. I’ll share it on NanaHood.

Happy decorating!


  1. Kelly Jo 14 Oct, 2009

    She decorates for EVERYTHING!! I will be honest and tell you that it didn’t rub off on her daughter, I do well to get my tree up at Christmas!! When Susan and I were younger we had to wait until 2 weeks before Christmas to put up the tree, now she starts before Thanksgiving and she has 7 yes I said 7 trees including the ones in the playhouse and the Coke room!!!!

  2. Susan 16 Oct, 2009

    I did not rub off on her other daughter either…..My 5 year old often asks when are we going to decorate like Nana Mom???I tell her to just enjoy Nana’s decorations…:)

  3. LOL. Like you, I do it up big for Christmas. I don’t have time to decorate for fall. I put up the Christmas decorations the day after Thanksgiving. But this year, my grand baby is walking and curious so I’m not sure if we’ll do much decorating.