Faithfully Fun Friday

Although Faithfully Fun is still really in its infancy, it has grown so much in a year. I have received such positive feed back from people. I am so blessed that some little part of me, here in Small Town, USA has been able to reach out to so many.  When deciding to begin the “business” of Faithfully Fun hair clips, I never imagined the span it would have. All I began with was a desire to share something I loved with the people around me.  Isn’t that the way most great things grow.  We have a desire for them, a passion we can’t hold in, a bursting forth that screams to the world, “Look at this.”

Part of my desire with Faithfully Fun is to not only share a touch of fun and creativity, but to express what it says in the name, my faith, with others. Nanahood has become such a large part of that. Even in a few short weeks the encouragement I have received working with Teresa has increased that desire in me to share more of what I do and what I believe.  I want others to know how God has blessed me. I want others to recognize that we serve a creative Lord. A God who loves beauty.  I mean, just look at this world around us that He created for us to enjoy. A Savior that created us to be a thinking, active, creative people, after all, He created us in His image!


“In the day that God created man, He made him in the likeness of God.”  Genesis 5:1


We can look at anything in this world and see His creative hand.  From the glory of a beautifully painted sunrise, to the delicate details of a floating butterfly, we can see His splendor.  Part of what makes this whole venture so wonderful is the fact that I can be so creative.   With the help and suggestions from my friends and family I have been able to come up with so many items.  I love using my hands to create something fun and interesting.  I love drawing inspiration from the world around me, God’s world!


My challenge to you this weekend is to look around at God’s handiwork.  Find beauty in His design and find some way to be creative and show you were made in His image. Be sure and leave a comment with something beautifully creative you have found in His world!

“You are worthy, O Lord, To receive glory and honor and power; For You created all things, And by Your will they exist and were created.”  Rev. 4:11

Happy Creating!


(Tiffany’s youthful energy and faith is an encouragement to me and all who know her! Love you, Tiff! Teresa)

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