Dream Big, Princess

Disclaimer: I was partially compensated for my trip to Disney World but all opinions, thoughts, and memories are strictly my own!

If you have never heard of Disney’s “Dream Big, Princess” campaign, please allow me to tell you about it. The campaign was launched in February to bring us great stories to inspire girls and kids around the world to realize their full potential and dream big. Over the rest of this year and next year, “Dream Big, Princess” will be celebrated with new themes each month tied to the Disney Princesses, such as kindness, friendship and adventure. 

I found out about the campaign at this year’s Disney Social Media Moms Conference at Disney World. I love that Disney Princesses don’t have to be rescued. They are strong and competent on their own. Self-esteem and confidence are so important for all children. I couldn’t help but think about the two princesses I had brought with me. My wish for them is that they grow up to be strong, self-confident women, which certainly fits with Disney’s concept!

Granddaughters Dream Big, Princess

While I could write a lot more about the campaign, what I really want to tell you about is the daughter of a friend of mine. This is my friend Jen Reeves and she and I met a few years ago. From time to time our paths cross and I always enjoy getting to talk with her and catch up.

Jen Reeves and me at Disney

Jen’s daughter, Jordan, was one of three young girls to win “Dream Big, Princess” awards. There was a super nice ceremony where they were presented with awards and recognized for their accomplishments. There simply isn’t enough room on my blog to tell you about all three of these little girls but you can read about Hailey Fort and Olvia Allen and their talents and their ambitions by clicking on their names.

Jordan Reeves thanking Disney for her award, along with the two other winners.

Jordan Reeves thanking Disney for her award, along with the two other winners. Photo by Janice Croze

Jordan’s award was for innovation and to understand why she deserves that award you need to read about her here and here.

Jordan is one active, determined, inspirational little girl. Because her mom, Jen, and I are friends I ask her if I could send some questions for Jordan to answer.


What follows are the questions and her answers. Thank you Jordan, for all you do to show other kids that you were Born Just Right. And thank you, Jen, for allowing me to interview your daughter and for all you do to promote and share what Born Just Right is all about.

An Interview with Jordan Reeves, winner of the Innovation Award from Disney and the Dream Big, Princess campaign.

  • What’s the biggest challenge you have faced so far?

    Jordan-I don’t really know of a biggest challenge… When I think of challenge, I think of learning to tie my shoes and riding my bike.

    What are your future plans?

    Jordan-My future is making more 3D printed things that help people and make them smile. I hope I can own my own 3D printer soon.

    How did you feel about receiving your award?

    Jordan-I was excited and happy. I’m glad I got to tell more people about Born Just Right and limb differences.

    What would you like to say to other girls about her age about achieving their dreams?

    Jordan- Just keep dreaming and if you try really hard, it will happen. I want to thank my Mom for helping start Born Just Right. Also KIDmob and Autodesk for helping me build a really cool superhero glitter blaster. (to read about the glitter blaster click here). And Sam Hobish, my design partner. Also, my dog because he is fluffy.

    And who doesn’t love a fluffy dog?

    Keep dreaming BIG Jordan! You are one powerful princess!

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  1. Thanks for sharing Jordan’s story! We appreciate it and remain amazed by the Dream Big, Princess award.

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    This is so great! I love the Dove campaign for the same reasons – love yourself no matter what you look like. Women are all beautiful.

    I wish my boys got into How to Train Your Dragon. To me the boy in that movie is like a princess, only a boy version.

  18. Inspiring and fun trip! Confidence in oneself is empowering. It’s important for girls of all ages to love and accept themselves for what they see, instead of wishing you were like all the other girls. The beauty that is within then shines forth. Nice photo share!

    Douglas Lake Vintage View & Other #Photoart Creations

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