Doggie Love At Our House

Doggie Love At Our House

It’s no secret that we love dogs. I thought it would be fun to share with you some of my most recent dog photos.

This is my husband and our son’s girlfriend’s dog. Kash is a miniature Golden Doodle and we baby-sit frequently. He loves snuggling and is one of the sweetest dogs I’ve ever had the pleasure of loving. He is great with the grandchildren and he’s crazy about our Cockapoo, Bella.

This is Bella wearing my granddaughter’s house shoes. I think she looks like she’s wearing ruby red slippers and thinking, “There’s no place like home.” But who knows what a dog is really thinking?

Bella loves to eat and is a little chubby, which makes it a little difficult to jump up on our bed. Most of the time she makes it, but occasionally her bottom half won’t follow the top half and she will hang on the side of the bed until she either falls off or I give her a little push up. She’s great with the grandchildren and she likes Kash…but doesn’t love him nearly as much as he loves her.


This is our son’s dog, Bo. He loves our son so much that he will run from door to door to try and follow him. He loves to run and if he gets the chance he will race all over the farm until he wears himself out.

Bo’s mother was a pure-bred Brittany Spaniel. His father may or may not have been another Brittany Spaniel.  Her name was Sugar because she was so sweet. Bo did not inherit her disposition. He’s okay with our grandchildren but we don’t let them mess with him. He’s leery of strangers and a fierce guard dog. If someone he doesn’t know comes to visit we have to put him in the basement or in our son’s bedroom. After he gets to know you everything is cool but he has to know you well before he loves you.

That’s are doggie love story, how about yours? Do you love dogs? Tell me about your pets!

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  1. We don’t have any pets. Dogs are probably better than cats, but not sure. I like dogs for the most part. I have to be careful as I have issues with allergies with dogs and cats so that’s why we don’t have them in the house. Your photos are cute of the dogs! Huggable they are!

  2. Audrey Johnson 4 Feb, 2018

    We have two silky terriers that are more spoiled than you can probably imagine. They are wonderful companions and only very rarely annoying. They have their moments, but so do we. Thanks for sharing.

  3. Bella and Bo are so cute! And my son’s nick name is Bo as well Nana LOL. I love dogs too but we can;t have pets in our rent house here. Later back in Indonesia we will

  4. I had a very sweet cat named Bo! He was the best ad I miss him.My son and daughter in law have a Goldendoodle! They are very sweet and loving dogs. They also have a Pomeranian. My daughter and son in law have two terrie=r mixes. I guess we are “granddog rich” so we don’t have any pets at the moment. 😉

  5. Our dog is almost the same as Bella. Except ours is a moodle. They both must have more poodle than their other mix.

  6. Awwww, how cute. My granddog got to spend the night with me last night. Apparently he prefers the Puppy Bowl we watched a bit to the Other Bowl 😉

    Have a great day and nice to see you again, via Grandmas Briefs 🙂


  7. Oh aren’t they cute heheh! especially the first one snuggling with your hubby, they sound like lovely natured dogs 🙂

  8. Awww Puppies are such good friends!!!
    Hope you have a great week!!

  9. teresak 6 Feb, 2018

    Thanks Karren and hope you do too!

  10. teresak 6 Feb, 2018

    They are all great dogs! Thanks Steve!

  11. teresak 6 Feb, 2018

    I prefer the Puppy Bowl too!

  12. teresak 6 Feb, 2018

    Bella’s hair is soooo thick! Sweetest disposition!

  13. teresak 6 Feb, 2018

    I pet you get to pet sit a lot!

  14. Love that photo of Bella wearing your granddaughter’s shoes. Too cute!

  15. Great pics. Thanks for hosting and I hope you have a wonderful week.

  16. Love these photos esp the 2nd one – have a wonderful week! 🙂

  17. Glynis Wadsworth 6 Feb, 2018

    Had 2 re home our 2 dogs when 1st grandchild came as they acted adversely towards him so wasn’t safe. Broke my heart but the bairn came 1st. Now our lifestyle not suitable to having pets but really miss not having a fur baby!

  18. Adorable pups! You’d probably get a good chuckle out of the picture I posted of my dog today lol!

  19. teresak 7 Feb, 2018

    Yes, I did! Thanks for stopping by and do come again!

  20. teresak 7 Feb, 2018

    I understand! Thanks for commenting Glynis! Have a great day!

  21. teresak 7 Feb, 2018

    You too and take care of those cats!

  22. teresak 7 Feb, 2018

    You too Patrick!

  23. teresak 7 Feb, 2018

    Thanks….Bella is a sweetheart!

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