Death by Cleaning

My good friend, Candy, keeps posting on Facebook about all the closets and drawers she’s cleaned out. I invited her over to work on my house but so far she hasn’t dropped by. There’s something about Christmas (the mess?) that kicks cleaning genes (if you have them) into overdrive.

For the past two days I have cleaned and cleaned and cleaned some more, but guess what? You can’t tell it.That’s because at the moment I have ten people and four dogs in my house. We have a big house (thank goodness) but ten people and four dogs makes things just a tad crazy.

To be fair two of those dogs, Molly and Piper, are in the basement in their room while their masters (daughter and son-in-law) are at work. Daughter and son-in-law do not contribute to the mess and confusion because lately they are only here after I am in bed at night.

Son number one and GRANDdaughter number one are here (with her BFF Maggie) because he is remodeling my grandmother’s 100+ year old farm house and there is enough dust at his house to cover the Sahara Desert.

So, besides cleaning my house (which is pointless) I’ve been trying to help him. If there is such a thing as “Death by cleaning” I think I’m on my way. For some reason cleaning is aggravating my neck and shoulder problem. Yesterday I went to the chiropractor and asked her if she would write me a note saying I didn’t have to clean anymore. She said she would but it won’t work. Too much to do.

I’ve tried hiring a cleaning lady but for some reason they don’t want to clean my house (HA HA HA) I DON”T WANT TO CLEAN MY HOUSE EITHER but someone has to do it! I did find one really super-duper cleaning lady but she was going to school part time and when she graduated she found a job and moved on (sigh).

So I guess I’ll just get my cleaning gear out and do it myself…unless of course Candy wants to come over and help!


  1. me too! last year after Christmas I bought christmas table cloths and table covers for everything…now when I take al the decorations down, the tables are sparkling clean! I feel so ahead of the game haha

  2. Cleaning is never ending indeed. There’s no RX for it! We just have to keep at it! We are taking our tree down over the weekend, probably Sunday. Happy New Year!

  3. Candy 2 Jan, 2012

    I’m so honored to be mentioned in Nanahood. I was so busy cleaning and organizing last week that I got behind on reading your posts. Keep up the good work in 2012. I love reading about your busy life.

  4. teresak 2 Jan, 2012

    Thanks, Candy and thanks for being my friend!

  5. teresak 2 Jan, 2012

    Such a good idea!